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Majority MPs are angry at the government and its sudden amendment

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The government’s last-minute amendment providing for the financial participation of employees when they use a personal training account (CPF) has upset the Ennahdha group of deputies, as we learned on Tuesday 13 December from parliamentary sources.

During the closed meeting of the group in the morning, the rapporteur of the general budget, Jean-Rene Cazeneuve, was surprised to discover this amendment in the draft finance bill submitted by the government to 49.3 for a new reading. At the assembly, the participants told AFP.

sequel after announcement

The amendment in question was brought up on Saturday, and has not been considered by committee in the House. Provides for a form “User Fee” By employees wishing to use their accumulated rights to their CPF.

“It is up to the user to contact an organization and not the other way around”: A law about to be passed to (finally) ban offensive vote collection in CPF

Participation may be proportional to the cost of training, within the limits of the ceiling, or limited to a lump sum. A decree in the Council of State should specify the methods for this, with job-seekers acquitted.

The Minister Delegate for Vocational Training, Carole Grandjean, who attended the Renaissance meeting, replied to Jean-René Cazeneuve that the measure was included in the “roof letter” between ministries. Minister for Relations with Parliament Frank Riester apologized to MPs over the form.

Angry CFDT

“It is a method that should not be repeated.”warned group chief Aurore Bergé. Many MPs lamented the substance of the amendment, while the CPF was designed as a tool of freedom.

sequel after announcement

CFDT reacted strongly on Tuesday in a press release. a “It still depends on the staff, it’s not”. “This represents a clear relinquishment of the freedom to use CPF”Central union judges. “It is above all a cut of what CPF is.”And the “A device in the hands of the employee to build his career”.

Why a Personal Training Account (CPF) is a revolution

“This amendment is actually a provision that will burden the most vulnerable employees.”CGT added to the government Better supervision of the device is advised to ensure it remains in the hands of the employee and not the employers..

Since its new version at the end of 2019 when it was converted to euros, the CPF has made it possible to finance 5 million courses for 7 billion euros.

But CGT indicates that “CPF represents only €2.7 billion in France Skills’ budget”the very large deficit vocational training governance body, vs $10.5 billion to fund apprenticeships in 2022..

“Instead of imposing social standards to aid learning, the government would rather curtail employees’ rights”Condemns the union.

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