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LFI MP Adrian Koatenins will not resign from his term despite his conviction

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After three months of silence, he spoke. resounding word. Former La France Insoumise No. 2 player Adrien Quatennens was sentenced on Tuesday, December 13, to a four-month suspended prison sentence. “Hanf” On his wife, he denounced her in an interview with “La Voix du Nord”. “media killing”He ruled out resigning from his post as deputy.

“I suffered in silence an unprecedented media execution”he said in his first speech since withdrawing from the LFI format in September. Resigning after being convicted of an act that I admitted would set a dangerous precedent and open the door to all political manipulation of privacy.he added.

sequel after announcement

“I paid too much”

The MP from the North announced his intention to suspend his group for four months in the wake of his conviction“to honor” its term “within” from his political group “Because these are the ideas I have been defending since the beginning of my commitment to Jean-Luc Mélenchon”.

“I will respect the collective decision of the group”he insisted. “But mine is mine and has been seized: I have paid enough in all respects. I will not yield.”.

The elected official believes that in addition to his conviction – in the course of the guilty plea procedure – the political sanction is against him “Really heavy and unprecedented”because it is no longer the coordinator or keynote speaker from LFI. On the subject matter of the case, he regrets its existence “I silently endured an unprecedented media execution”.

“The investigation concluded what I had realized: a slap given in the course of an argument, over a year ago and never reproduced, and the sending of too many romantic text messages after the divorce was announced. Misunderstood.”It is to explain. “This gesture does not resemble me.”He continued talking about this slap he said he got “I regret so much”.

sequel after announcement

“I wouldn’t be there if I denied it like the others do.”

He claims that his wife“publicly threatened” From “eliminates his political commitment” If he does not respond to her requests for divorce. “Even today (…) I am being blackmailed because of the complaint or the media”.

“I know we wouldn’t be here if I denied it like everyone else does. But I don’t regret it. Especially if it could serve the cause of combating violence against women usefully.”he insisted.

“With a Simple Program, It Had Almost Unlimited Power Over My Life”: Domestic Violence in the Age of Electronic Espionage

“I simply discovered at the age of 32 that in France, when you get down on your knees and recognize a mistake and accept its punishment, the cruelty does not stop.”he added. The sent message has the advantage of legibility: Deny! “. He considers himself a victim of a blow “Policy” stomach for” tearing down “.

Several identical sources told me that this was done in direct coordination with the Ministry of Interior. I am not in a position to confirm that myself today.”did he say.

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