Home Politics Adrian Koatenins was sentenced to a suspended 4-month prison sentence for domestic violence

Adrian Koatenins was sentenced to a suspended 4-month prison sentence for domestic violence

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Former La France Insoumise second-in-command Adrien Quatennens was sentenced by the Lille court to a four-month suspended prison term and 2,000 euros in damages for domestic violence, on Tuesday 13 December. appeared in action “admit guilt” Regarding a slap to his wife and frequent short messages, the judicial conclusion of a case that put him under a policy ban.

Adrien Quatennens was found guilty “Violence without helplessness on the part of the husband or wife” Between October and December 2021, as well as L “Regular and malicious sending of messages” Between August and September 2022, the judge told his wife, via SMS and WhatsApp.

sequel after announcement

The northern deputy avoided the gathering of journalists in front of the main entrance, as well as the four activists from the feminist assembly #NousToutes, with a purple armband on their arm, who were outside to demand his resignation. Dozens of elected officials and LFI activists also gathered in the freezing cold to support the elected LFI.

Adrien Quatennens ‘Guilty Plea’: How Does This Explicit Legal Action Work?

“You can’t compare it to people who beat their wives, who put GHB in glasses”The LFI Mayor of Faches-Thumesnil, Patrick Broisse, told AFP. “We hope he will return. We cannot do without a speaker like Adrien Quatennens in the battle preparing for pensions. »

“physical violence”

According to his lawyer, Me Jade Dousselin, he was prosecuted for two facts he admits: a slap to his wife “over a year ago” In the context of “mutual aggression”as well as text messages sent after the couple broke up and “whose absence is hate” to me “recognized”.

The deputy has not spoken since the affair was revealed in mid-September in “Chained Ducks,” other than in a lengthy press release on Twitter announcing his withdrawal as LFI coordinator. His wife Celine, who filed a complaint in September after first filing a banister, denounced it two months later in an AFP press release. “physical and psychological violence” practiced since then ” several years “ by her husband, referring “his anger” And the “his crises”.

sequel after announcement

La France feminists faced the return of the Quatennens

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who initially showed support for his dowry, sparking ire from feminists and a crisis in the LFI, has not spoken since these new accusations. LFI’s socialist and environmental allies have called for the deputy’s resignation.

Examine the terms of return

Adrian Koatenins remains excluded from his parliamentary group’s activities for the time being. “The issue we are thinking about is what are the conditions, what are the conditions for a possible return”announced Monday in France Inter the LFI vice-president of Bouches-du-Rhône, Manuel Bompard, who should soon take over the new coordination presidency of the LFI, a role he has in fact assumed since the withdrawal of Adrien Quatennens.

“no one” Within the parliamentary group only one is considered “Return is not possible”He emphasized at a time when his party was mired in internal disputes over its leadership.

For Fauer, Bergé, and Russo, the return of the Kwanten to the Assembly has become “impossible.”

LFI’s deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis Clementine Autin, for her part, insists on the need for Take seriously the words of Celine Coatennes.but also “to worry about the rehabilitation of Adrien Quatennens, a topic that is often evaded”. The concerned person , “plan to come back”but she will comply “Terms offered by the group”says his delegation.

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