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Medvedev says Moscow is speeding up production of “more powerful” weapons

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The former Russian president and the current president of the Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, confirmed on Sunday, December 11, that Moscow is manufacturing “The most powerful means of destruction” Based on “new principles”And they threaten to use it against the West.

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“Our enemy is not only entrenched in the Kiev government (a territorial-administrative entity of the Empire of Russia, ed.’s note) (…) it also exists in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and other places that have pledged allegiance to the modern-day Nazis”wrote Dmitry Medvedev.

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That is why we are intensifying the production of the most powerful means of destruction, including those based on new principles.He continued in a message posted early Sunday morning on his Telegram account.

specter of nuclear war

He did not detail these new principles, but apparently referred in particular to the new generations of hypersonic weapons that Moscow is proud to be actively developing in recent years.

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The specter of nuclear war returned after the attack on Ukraine in February, underlining the erosion of the global security architecture dating back to the Cold War. Russia’s military setbacks in recent months have raised concerns that Moscow is considering using its nuclear arsenal to reverse this trend.

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This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin put the danger of such recourse into perspective by asserting that these weapons were “a means of defense” intended for “retaliatory strike”. Friday also raised the possibility that Russia might adjust its military doctrine by introducing the possibility of a pre-emptive strike to disarm the enemy.

The US State Department denounced these recent statements, saying “Any discussion, however vague, about nuclear weapons is absolutely irresponsible.”

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