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Gaullist deputies, immersed in their struggle for virtue against sex

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Neither abortion nor contraception, morality and more morality to defend the family values ​​of our then society “Everything in the world contributes to the abandonment of the moral and spiritual values ​​that have already been the strength of our civilization. We are witnessing a real mass suicide of humanity.”One of the Gaullist parliamentarians quoted in the article we republish here. USSR deputy Lucien Neuwirth, contrary to the trend of his colleagues from the Gaullist party, proposed creating a “national birth control information bureau.” Suitable for a torrent of prudent statements. Le Nouvel Obs was ironic: “Part of the scandals, UDR is only a virtue when we talk about sex”in this article titled “The Respectable Puritans,” misrepresents the name of Sartre’s play The Respectable Whore.

In the archives of “Obs”

What scientist, what French people, what society said to “Le Nouvel Observateur” (which became “L’Obs” in 2014) half a century ago? Every weekend we bring you an article, interview, report, photo or letter from our readers pulled from our archives.

This era, when Jean Royer brought moral order to Tours, when Giselle Halimi led the fight in the Bobigny trial against the hypocrisy of the abortion ban, was the period depicted in Blandine Lenoir’s beautiful film released on November 30, “Unger Annie”, about MLAC activists ( Movement for abortion freedom

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