Home Politics When the LFI thought it cornered the RN on unvaccinated caregivers

When the LFI thought it cornered the RN on unvaccinated caregivers

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This is a tactical action story that turns into smokescreen action. “We wanted to play smarter. The result is not a pretty, incomprehensible, hyper-parliamentary one that doesn’t exist in real life.”the LFI deputy sighs, annoyed to see his young comrades rushing in “massive trap” Stretched by Marine Le Pen.

By agreeing to defend their bill on reintegrating unvaccinated caregivers during the parliamentary day devoted to the National Caucus proposals — before withdrawing the text under pressure — some of the rebels believed they had found the secret weapon against Libyan forces. In the end, they made another argument for all those who repeat it “extremism together” And that left-wing populism eventually strengthens the far-right…

The case is a textbook case. It reveals different strategies within Nupes but also at LFI: How far and how are you opposing the government? Grab anti-regime voters, and “angry not fachos”does she justify sometimes finding herself on the same line with Marine Le Pen?

Sofia Chikiro, very excited

The confusion begins on Saturday 3 December when Caroline Fiat learns via the press that the RN intends to appeal the text she defended in the bicycle. Marine Le Pen’s forces want to include them in their place, this session where they can set the agenda. Rebellious Moselle deputy, vice-president of the Asse

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