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The association takes measures to accelerate solar energy

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On Friday, December 9, the Council approved a series of provisions of the draft law aimed at accelerating the production of renewable energies, including the obligation to install solar panels in large outdoor car parks and new exemptions for installations on the coast.

The first reading exam, which began on Monday, continued on Friday without major setbacks for the presidential camp, which made many concessions with the left as a pledge of good faith to obtain its support for this text.

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In the evening, the deputies adopted by 42 votes to 6 a measure requiring the installation of photovoltaic blinds in outdoor parking lots of more than 1,500 square meters. The government initially advocated a threshold of 2,500 square metres, while environmentalists and rebel MPs asked for a reduction to 500 square metres. After the discussions, the government did not object to the slide of 1,500 square meters, which was what Macron’s deputies demanded.

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The Senate had replaced the logic of the surface wanted by the government with that of the number of sites, while retaining the 80-place threshold. Therefore, the association re-worked the standard expressed in square metres.

The council also voted on environmental amendments that reduce the scope of the planned exceptions, as well as similar amendments from the left and from majority MPs to remove the initial optional nature of the penalties and make them regular in case of non-compliance with the obligation. An LFI amendment that doubles these fines (to €20,000 and €40,000, depending on the size of the car park) has also been adopted with government support.

White paint on the surfaces

Against government advice this time, MPs adopted an environmental amendment that required any new construction of group social housing by private housing organizations to install renewable energy (EnR) equipment.

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Then the Minister of Energy Transition, Agnes Bagnier-Ronacher, did not oppose the adoption of an amendment by Green MP Julien Bayeux that provides for covering the roofs of non-residential buildings with white paint to reduce the use of air conditioning.

Solar energy, green hydrogen… They are inventing the renewable energies of tomorrow

On the other hand, the Left failed to obtain a re-measure to which it was so closely attached, introduced by the Senate and repealed in a committee in the Assembly, which made the inauguration of Renewable Energy Operations On existing non-residential buildings of more than 250 square meters.

Faced with a land shortage that is an obstacle to increasing photovoltaic capacity in France, the council has adopted new exceptions to the law “coastal” To establish photovoltaic or hydrogen production facilities in coastal areas in arid lands.

I also voted in favor of an article allowing the installation of solar power stations on the ground “in the interruption of urbanization” In some mountain towns you can’t do that today.

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Setbacks for the presidential camp

On one of the themes of tension in the text, the government agreed to keep it “consensus” French construction engineers launch renewable energy projects in heritage areas. But by asking them for more flexibility in the matter. An amendment was adopted by the presidential camp to this effect in a consensual atmosphere.

But the presidential camp suffered a fiasco with the removal of the possibility of a simple online public consultation for some PV projects, instead of “general survey”. This article, which was rejected by 37 votes to 33, was part of the simplification measures requested by the executive branch to accelerate the development of renewable energy sources, which are lagging behind in France. From RN to LFI, all of the opposition voted against.

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After this setback, the government decided to postpone consideration of a key article on defining legal remedies for renewable energy projects, which it wishes to resubmit after deletion in the committee.

Against the advice of the executive again, the assembly on Friday removed the possibility for communities to, in some cases, not resort to prior competition between renewable energy operators for land availability.

Text screening, which stopped shortly after midnight, should resume on Monday.

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