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Senator Hervé Marseille was elected president of the UDI

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Senator for Hauts-de-Seine Hervé Marseille was elected on Saturday, 10 December, President of the UDI to replace Jean-Christophe Lagarde, during a vote in Congress where he was the only candidate.

The head of the Senate’s Union of Democrats and Independents (UDI) group, 68, has been acting in the role since Jean-Christophe Lagarde’s Oct. 20 resignation, weakened by legal problems. Jean-Christophe Lagarde had already resigned from office following his defeat in the legislative elections in June.

sequel after announcement

The new party chief paid tribute to his predecessor “Who made this gesture?”And also to Jean-Louis Bourloo, the founder of the party and the exceptional guest for this conference in Boulogne-Billancourt. “This is the beginning of a movement to regroup humanist and republican forces in our country.”Jean-Louis Borloo, previously fired, gave a standing ovation at the end of his speech.

Former MP Jean-Christophe Lagarde has been given a suspended 10-month prison sentence for embezzlement of public funds

Hervé Marseille has drawn up a roadmap to revitalize the party, which has fallen to 10,000 members, from 30,000 at its creation: it will take “changing laws” And working on regional structures, Hauts-de-Seine reassured the elected. “We’ll have to take advantage of this year without elections” To do this work, he added.

Welcoming Emmanuel Macron’s interest in the LEOTE group (to which UDI belongs to the National Assembly), he noted that “We are responsible and independent”. “We are ready to work on the necessary texts for the country, to make the majority and the basic coalitions” but We will not be forced to do what we do not want.to caution.

“Being a mediator means having a social vision of society”

pensions as well. ‘It is not enough to measure age’ Because “If we force it, it will get worse.”. He called for reflection on long jobs and hardships, and also questioned the 35 hours: “If we work an extra half hour a week, does that open up the measurement of age?”

sequel after announcement

on immigration, which will be the subject of a bill at the beginning of the year, “We will work on the script, and we will not say no on principle.” but Most of what we can do is at the European level.he recalls, emphasizing the center-right party’s European DNA.

“Being a mediator means having a social vision of society”he added tearfully Two major absentees in the budget [en cours d’examen, ndlr] : dependency and residence ».

In Seine-Saint-Denis, the end of Lagarde’s “regime”?

“We will evaluate because we will build the majority of the project”Valérie Letard, vice president of UDI for the Senate, had previously confirmed.

While LR’s allies are also electing their own president this weekend, Hervé Marseille mentioned it They vote [les adhérents]But the consequences will be for everyone.. We’ll wait to see what their political line is. And their position on partners: “At one time they talked about the right and the center, today it is the right that speaks to the right.” but “If he goes too far to the right, we know what happens, take a quick look at the Alps”fired, while Eric Ciotti and Bruno Retaio were racing the LR.

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