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Nobel Peace Prize laureates condemn Putin’s ‘crazy’ war

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Receiving their prestigious award on Saturday, December 10 in Oslo, the Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian winners of the Nobel Peace Prize called not to lay down their arms in the war. “crazy and criminal” Launched by Vladimir Putin in Ukraine.

Coming from three main countries of the conflict, the Belarusian activist Ales Beliatski, who is imprisoned in his country, the Russian NGO Memorial, which was dissolved by order of justice, and the Ukrainian Center for Civil Liberties (CCL) have been crowned for their commitment to the cause. “Human rights, democracy and peaceful coexistence” against authoritarian powers. The Nobels didn’t waver in their anger — though they showed no signs of gushing with each other at the award ceremony.

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“The people of Ukraine want peace more than anyone else in the world”said the head of the Center for Civil Liberties, Oleksandra Matveychuk. But peace in a country under attack cannot be achieved by laying down arms. It will not be peace but an occupation.”did she say.Nobel Peace Prize: “Fighting for an NGO like Viasna in Belarus is now a crime”

Founded in 2007, the CCL it runs today documents war crimes committed by Russian forces in Ukraine: the destruction of residential buildings, churches, schools and hospitals, the bombing of evacuation corridors, forced displacement of residents, torture, crimes…

As a result of the bombings on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, Oleksandra Matveychuk herself wrote her acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize by candlelight, she told AFP in an interview shortly before the ceremony. Nine months after the Russian invasion, CCL counted “Over 27,000 episodes” A war crime, according to her, that is “Just the tip of the iceberg”.

“War turns people into numbers. We must give a name to all victims of war crimes.”she indicated.

Putin’s imperial ambitions

Her voice choking with emotion in her speech at Oslo City Hall bedecked with red Siberian roses, Oleksandra Matveychuk once again called for an international tribunal to rule Cheese friesAnd the [son allié, le dirigeant biélorusse Alexandre] Lukashenko and other war criminals.

His Russian partner, Memorial President Ian Raczynski, for his part, denounced the “imperial ambitions” Inherited from the Soviet Union who Still blooming today. Russia under Vladimir Putin has hijacked the historical meaning of the struggle against fascism “for his own political interests”, He said. from now on, “Resistance to Russia is equivalent to fascism”lamented.

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The denaturation that saves The ideological justification for the insane and criminal war of aggression against Ukraine.He claimed, despite Moscow’s ban on publicly criticizing the invasion.

Who is Alice Pilatsky, Belarusian activist and co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize?

Founded in 1989, Memorial has worked for decades to shed light on crimes committed under Stalin’s totalitarian regime and preserve the memory of its victims, and then collect information about the violation of freedoms and rights in Russia. In the context of silencing the mouths of the opposition and the media, the non-governmental organization was dissolved at the end of 2021 by the Russian judiciary, which also ordered the seizure of its offices in Moscow on October 7, the same evening as the Nobel Prize was awarded. to the organization.

Today there are more political prisoners in Russia than there were in the entire Soviet Union at the beginning of the perestroika period in the 1980s.noted Ian Raczynski.

“Internationale Dictatorships”

The third Nobel laureate, Alice Pilatsky, father of the human rights NGO Viasna, has been imprisoned since July 2021. He is awaiting trial where he faces 12 years in prison on charges of “smuggled” Criticism in favor of opposition to Alexander’s oppressive regime Lukashenko, the 60-year-old activist, was not allowed to deliver his Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

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The actor at the ceremony, his wife, Natalya Benchuk, had to be content with repeating some of his words, especially those in which he calls to stand against her. “Internationale Dictatorships”.

Lukashenko is Putin’s partner.

In Ukraine, Russia aims to establish “A dependent dictatorship, like Belarus today, where the voice of the oppressed people is ignored, with Russian military bases, huge economic dependence, and cultural and linguistic Russification”He said in his wife’s voice.

Good and truth must be able to protect themselves.As he said.

In Stockholm, where other Nobel prizes have been awarded (medicine, physics, chemistry, literature and economics), no fewer than 26 laureates will take part in this year’s festivities, including French, writer Annie Ernault. Blame it on Covid-19 that prevented the 2020 and 2021 winners from traveling to the Swedish capital to receive their bonus and their imminent 10 million kroner (about 900,000 euros) check.

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