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Marine Tondeleire was elected National Secretary of the EELV

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Marine Tondelier was officially appointed by EELV ecologists as the new party secretary on Saturday, December 10 in Rungis. Best known for its fight against the RN party in Pas-de-Calais, it will face the difficult task of reforming a party weakened by its divisions and ” the case “ Julien Bayou, in which I succeeded.

His election by 400 congressional delegates was not surprising, as Marine Tondeleire won easily in the first round, on November 26, with 47% of the members’ vote.

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Her aggregation proposal that brings together her other competitors, including the Sandrine Rousseau line, was adopted with 90.8% of the vote of the 400 delegates to the convention.

The new leader, who is 36 years old and little known to the general public, will take over the reins of a party in crisis after the disappointing result of Yannick Gadot in the presidential election (4.6%), but also enters into a duel between the two former presidents. candidate and environmental feminist deputy Sandrine Russo, and finally in turmoil, accusations of psychological violence against a former companion have been leveled against outgoing National Secretary Julien Bayou, who is defending himself against her.

10 things to know about Marin Tondelaer, the future president of EELV who will have to revive the environmentalist party

This former parliamentary aide to Cecile Duflot, close to Grenoble Mayor Eric Bioll, has been elected since 2014 against Mayor RN Steeve Briois in Hénin-Beaumont, a former mining town where she lives and where her parents and grandparents are from. It has also been sitting since 2021 in opposition to the Regional Council of Upper France, chaired by Xavier Bertrand (LR).

EELV Conference: Sandrine Rousseau seems to be very much in the minority

Marine Tondelier aims to rebuild the EELV – which wants to change its name – by adjusting its internal rules, which are often considered complex and not conducive to a power grab. Northern elected who defends a “People’s Ecology”desire “particle” The party and the mobilization of a million environmentalists by the end of his term.

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