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Manuel Bompard will direct La France Insoumise

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Not without fanfare, deputy Manuel Bompard, close to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, will take the direction of La France Insoumise, on Saturday, December 10 in Paris during a meeting convened to deepen and diversify the movement’s regional anchoring.

In response to a question by Agence France-Presse, Bush’s deputy, Du Rhone, indicated Thursday that he “We will continue to work.” She has been unofficially in the stick movement since the withdrawal of Adrien Quatennens in September – who admitted to domestic violence.

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In addition to this limited operational management, a “political advice”It is a place for discussion of strategy composed of elected officials, personalities and revolting CEOs. This body, without a leader and an advisory function, was not planned for until very recently, several MPs who learned of its existence attest this week. And if the appointment of Manuel Bompard at the helm of the movement is “Natural because he knows how to organize well”Eric Cockrell, Chairman of the Finance Committee of the National Assembly, confirms that ” explore “.

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Unlike conferences initiated by other Nupes formations, which elect their own leaders, the LFI appoints its executive directors through “consensus”Manuel Bompard explains, with a view “To protect against confrontation between the majority and minorities”. Likewise, he admits, working in operational management requires high availability, which some personalities simply can’t satisfy.

Starting with François Ruffin. The Viceroy of the Somme, who had hitherto been little invested in the authorities, expressed his desire to consolidate the administration to give greater importance to the rural and peri-urban areas. But he ended up agreeing to be on “political advice”As confirmed by his accompanying delegation. “I personally asked François Ruffin to take over because he is an important figure in the movement.”Rep. Clementine Otten slips.

in general, “It would be desirable that the nuances of movement in the direction be represented”Eric Cockerell abounds, claiming that the greater part of the seventeen MPs must have been in the previous term.

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Melenchon “Keystone”

A meeting scheduled for Friday afternoon to settle final details before that Saturday meeting should address the issue of representation. Who decides, that is the question.which torments a number of activists, attacks an elected official in secret.

However, Manuel Bombard guarantees that the movement will “changing nature” through several fixes. Departmental circles would allow local working groups, hitherto self-sufficient, to communicate with each other. Activists will also be able to contribute via “donations” that they will decide on the mission – national campaigns, local working groups…

However, a small portion will be automatically paid into an equalization fund, which will provide resources to less affluent departments. LFI would also buy buildings in rural and suburban areas in an effort to compete with the national conglomerate there.

The new ambitions of François Ruffin

A school for executives will also be created, so that the movement will have a new breeding ground from which to draw its leaders.

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“Everything is going in the right direction.” To consolidate and diversify the movement, as Eric Cockerell believes, even if he does not say that he is against any future implementation of elections because “People want to have their say.”. “The LFI (in 2016) was created for election campaigns, and now that we have 75 deputies and we are the number one force on the left, we must give it a permanent framework”sums up the deputy Seine Saint-Denis.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, will speak to the 160 delegates – one-third of executives and two-thirds of activists drawn by lot – from the representative assembly that journalists will not have access to. More MP, he should mention the La Boétie Institute, an insurgent think-tank he will direct in the coming weeks. wants to stay “Corner stone” But less direct ” actor “intimate reports for the presidential candidate’s tribune three times.

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