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In Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro broke his silence 40 days after his electoral defeat to Lula

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro broke his silence on Friday December 9 after 40 days of silence by expressing his silence. “soul disease” After his electoral defeat to Lula at the end of October.

“I kept silent for about 40 days. It hurts and hurts the soul. I have always been a happy person among you, even risking my life in the crowd.”the far-right president told his supporters outside the Alvorada Palace. “Some point to my silence. A few weeks ago, if I had gone out to say hello, everything would have been distorted and altered.”justify.

sequel after announcement

‘Bad faith’: Bolsonaro’s party has been fined after demanding the presidential elections

Jair Bolsonaro has remained silent and virtually absent from the public sphere since his narrow defeat in the presidential elections to Lula on October 30, with 50.9% to 49.1%. He participated in only one official event, on November 26, at a military school.

“People decide their own destiny”

After the defeat of their candidate, thousands of Bolsonarians blocked roads and demonstrated in front of the military barracks to demand that the army prevent Lula from taking power on 1 January.

Jair Bolsonaro on Friday appreciated that Armed forces are essential in all countries of the world […] They are the last bulwark against socialism.. “People decide their own destiny”He said.

Presidential elections in Brazil: “Bolsonaro is a liberal conservative”

“You decide my future, where I am going. You decide where the armed forces go.”He added, pointing out that We are living at a defining moment, a crossroads..

As the handover date approaches, Lula’s incoming President has already appointed five future ministers: Fernando Haddad to Finance, Mauro Vieira to Foreign Affairs, Flavio Dino to Justice, Ruy Costa to Casa Civil (halfway between Prime Minister and Chief of Staff) and José Museo Montero in the center of defence.

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