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Retailleau, Ciotti’s rival, is a supporter of Fillon, a devout Catholic and state senator

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1. Rider

As his opponents took pains to point out during the November 21 debate on the LCI, Bruno Retailleau was not born into politics with the RPR, nor the Gaullist heritage that Les Républicains shares.

Spotted at the age of 16 by Philippe de Villiers for his prowess on horseback as a volunteer at Puy du Fou, Vendéen soon became his right-hand man. He co-organized his shows before being elected deputy in 1994, under the banner of his mentor’s sovereign party, the Movement for France (MPF).

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He maintains his sinister past a certain taste for culture battle. But Philippe de Villiers also left him painful memories. In 2009, the estrangement between the two men took shape when Bruno Retaieu’s name came out to enter the government of François Fillon. “The months after my expulsion from the Puy-de-Fou were very difficult and violent. I felt like I was at the bottom of a pit, surrounded on all sides. To the point of thinking the worst.”will testify in the book “Puy du Fou, la grande treachery” (published in 2019 by Max Milo and signed by Christine Chamard).

2. Vion

This is the second figure in Bruno Retailleau’s political career. The two men from West gradually grew closer in the 2000s, joining in some fights, such as Munif Port Two, where they were on the front line. But during François Fillon’s 2017 presidential candidacy, he established himself as a loyal member of the first constituency, from the primaries to the “Penelopiguet” that halted the campaign.

Retailleau is one of those who will not abandon the candidate, and will defend the thesis of a conspiracy hatched by a socialist executive and the exploitation of the judiciary for political ends. “It is clear that he collects that whole part of the right that since 2017 would rather get lost in the conspiracy than admit that Fillon was a fraud.”However, an LR executive close to Eric Ciotti gets angry.

LR Presidency: Between Eric Ciotti and Bruno Retailleau, a duel closer than expected

3. Common sense

His critics deride his somewhat strict religious behaviour. Bruno Retaio does not hide it: he is a zealous Catholic, a defender of Eastern Christians, has always been close to common sense, and is a pillar of opposition to same-sex marriage. “Ultimately, marriage and adoption for same-sex couples are not meant to fill a legal void, but to give anthropological imagination the appearance of reality…even if it means misrepresenting our founding principles.”he wrote in 2012 in a column he published “current values”, It was signed notably by Gerald Darmanin and Christophe Picchu (Minister of the Interior and Minister of Ecological Transition under Emmanuel Macron). The ambition of common sense is similar to the ambition Vendéen often displays: leadership “The Battle of Civilization”.

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After supporting François Fillon in 2017, the organization was renamed the Conservative Movement and lined up behind Eric Zemour for 2022. “During the summer days of LR in Angers, when I saw Retailleau and Bellamy on the podium, I had the impression that I was in the young Villiéristes. Retailleau, he takes himself for he who has found the piece of the true cross of Christ”And the says a senior right-wing elected official.

4. Anti-Sarkozy

And his lieutenants are convinced of this: The best division that can be imposed in this internal campaign is separation from the former President of the Republic. With an argument: Nicolas Sarkozy is a traitor because he calls for the final alliance of his camp with Emmanuel Macron. Since September, Vendéen has never stopped bombing. For his part, the former UMP president said he would leave LR if Retailleau took over as president. “Let him do it. I won’t back down from it until I get it.”the subject replied to Europe on October 1, 4. “This Felonian sociology, part of which Zemmour seduced, these are the people who have always felt uncomfortable with Sarkozy”And the Deshiver is a good party connoisseur. “Retailleau is part of our family, so it’s easy for him to hit Sarkozy, it’s not his story”And the He also deals with an LR executive who disturbs this approach.

5. The Senate

Since 2014, the former Zogby has been the leader of the right in the Senate. A job that allowed him to get the image of a balanced man capable of forgery. So much so that he debuted as a centrist in Republican elections, between Aurélien Pradié who was portrayed as “Fabien Roussel of the right” and Eric Ciotti who embodied the hard right. “100% cocoa”laughs someone close to Retailleau. Other than that at the bottom, nothing.

The Vendéen is a liberal conservative, engaging in strong rhetoric on immigration, and calling into question the case law on the issue, in particular that of the European Court of Human Rights.

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Do you have to be more right than right to take the lead in LR? Over the course of the campaign, Ciotti and Retailleau practice one skill. The Senator decided that the RN Grégoire de Fournas should intervene, cheering on the Hemicycle “Let him go back to Africa!” » During the speech of the rebel Carlos Martins Bilongo on the migrant boat “Ocean Viking”, he was not “It’s not racist.” On the contrary, the Vice Alpine-Maritimes was scandalized.

As for the final duel, however, it is a matter of rallying. Therefore, each of them is committed to portraying the other as a person who narrows the party line. “Retaileau is more responsive”alert ciottists. “Ciotti is so hard, he was pushing people to leave the party”Retail activists responded.

Eric Ciotti’s path, from Nice to the Bourbon Palace, is in a straight line

6- Sandwiches

The best way to pass his opponent as a radical was to enlist the support of the third man in the election, Chiraquian Aurélien Pradié. But the ambitious deputy of Lot did not wish to give instructions to vote, anxious to maintain the purity of his line with “My people’s right.”

During the only televised debate, at the end of November, the two MPs appeared to take Bruno Retaio into a sandwich, rounding up their positions on more topics. And in the main part of the poll, the solidarity stemming from the constituency seems to prevail, because if Brady does not take a stand, some support Ciotti in the dozens of MPs who support him, such as Pierre-Henri Dumont or Raphael Schellenberger.

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7. Ecology

Bruno Retailleau is proud of that. While right would be a doctrinaire desert on the issue of climate change, it would be a portent. good prophet And so he predicted blackouts in his book “Will We Still Have Light in Winter?”, Published in October 2021 by Editions de l’Observatoire. It is true that, following the sinking of the oil tanker “Erica” ​​in 1999, he participated in obtaining a principle “ecological damage” in civil law.

But the environmental theme allows him above all to develop his sovereign discourse on re-industrialization and the transfer of the French economy, while insisting on the idea that Most of our carbon footprint comes from the products we import.

8. Envy

Why Retailleau a candidate? The answer is not clear. In 2019, the senator could have sought to succeed Laurent Walkies at the helm of the party but he didn’t go there. Rebelote in 2021. It’s time to run in the primaries, he refuses to try to be the right-wing candidate for the presidential election.

This time, his racing presence gradually established itself over the summer. Wauquiez refused to re-enlist—everyone believed he would “crush match” – Leave the field open for Cioti. But that risks splitting the party, according to supporters of Bruno Retayo, who, like the president of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, have used this argument to push him to start.

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Does desire really exist? In this week of Last Chance, before the latter’s duel against the deputy of the Alpine Maritimes, one sometimes feels that the head of the right-wing senators is at least campaigning. Only two meetings are planned, compared to seven for rival Eric Ciotti, who breeds in the electorate lands of Aurelen Brady, the southwest and north of France. Abroad and in its ranks, some sometimes doubt: Does Retayo believe in himself?

For his comeback, candidate Eric Ciotti promised “shock therapy” for his party

9. Mystery

Unless Vendéen is aiming higher: What if he sees himself as a presidential candidate? When reporters ask him the exact question, the LR’s chief senator refutes any hidden ambition. But deep down inside, we don’t really know what he’s thinking.says a party official.

10. Democracy

If he was careful not to pronounce the word “primary”, Bruno Retayo is a strong defender for “internal democracy” from LR. When Aurélien Pradié proposes the appointment of the 2027 candidate within the Politburo, and Eric Ciotti campaigns on a ticket with Laurent Wauquiez, the senator proposes to consult the members after the 2024 European elections, in order to “Re-force”. But he also asserts that he will transform the party from floor to ceiling, including by defending the principle of the new name. Like the atmosphere of the revolution.

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