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In Saint-Étienne, the mayor, Gaël Perdrieu, denounced the “harshness” against him

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“terribly painful” With Mediapart’s revelations about a case of extortion on an intimate video, the mayor and president of Saint-Etienne, Gaël Perdriau, on Thursday afternoon, December 8, is facing a stormy new urban council, and many elected officials have called on him to resign or clarify the situation.

Once again, the 50-year-old is hoping to impress the association “trust in justice” : “The metropolitan council is not a court, the councilors are not judges, and nothing has changed since the last metropolitan council.” The end of September, he said on Wednesday December 7th in an interview with Agence France-Presse and “Le Progrès”.

sequel after announcement

“Today nothing prevents the smooth functioning of institutions… Business is proceeding normally, despite all the attacks that I am targeted for. No file is blockedconfirmed. There is a majority of the majority that clearly supports me. »

At the same time, the previous LR admits that it exists ‘in a very difficult situation’ : “Today there is a presumed victim with a version of the facts that has been watered down in the media and I am the presumed culprit, with […] Elected officials who undoubtedly have an interest and a certain number of media outlets have already delivered their verdict. »

Mediapart Uncensored: The investigative website has published its new investigation on Gaël Perdriau

He is at the center of a judicial investigation into the filming and use of a sex video in which we can see his former centrist first deputy Gilles Artigis being massaged by a man in a hotel room, end of 2014. An accusation by Gilles Artigis, it was Gael Berdriau, who was placed in police custody In mid-September, according to damning audio recordings, he has always claimed his innocence.

“I never blackmailed Gilles Artigis. For what? Besides, to this day, I still don’t know the motive, and it was not presented in the accusation.”he said, recalling his support for his former vice president “in all the elections in which he wished to be a candidate”. “He’s lost them all […] So it definitely no longer has any effect and I don’t need it. »

sequel after announcement

“This story is more complicated than it looks, and if everyone was shocked by what they read and heard, the sequel promises to be a shocker.”fired on Wednesday, repeating not to be “Neither the sponsor nor the organizer nor the user of this video”.

“Declaration of war”

However, he admits that he mentioned these images once, during a tense exchange with his deputy in November 2017 about his secret meetings With Laurent Wauquiez, LR President of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

According to him, the articles published by Mediapart “a brick of political logic” aim to destroy it. Suffering relentlessly with common political interests, my judge’s counsel gave very clear testimony […] Which makes it clear that the publication of the Mediapart articles is part of a much older political logic in which Gilles Artigis and people very close to Laurent Wauquiez are involved on a political level.”He said in this interview with Agence France-Presse and “Progress”.

The mayor dates the beginning of his troubles to 2016, when he took a stand for Bruno Le Maire in the LR primary, which Laurent Wakis ran for. Like declaring war.. “With Laurent Wauquiez it’s not complicated, if you don’t show loyalty you become a target and I’m not the only one who said that”, He says. His criticism of the line LR adopted in the 2022 presidential election cost him the party’s vice-chairmanship in the spring.

sequel after announcement

Involved in sexual extortion in Saint-Etienne, deputy mayor Sami Keefe Jerome resigns

Elected in 2014, renewed in 2020, he is guaranteed to receive the award Lots of testimonials Residents of the city in the face of this “Unfair political and media flow”. “This is why I am wounded: I gave all my energy, all my courage, all my life for Saint-Etienne.”Shout. “Everything you read about me today is not me, I’m not this guy we describe, we’re dirty” And the “The mayors of the city know very well that I don’t act like that.”Confirms.

The case began in August when Mediapart published the confessions of a former comrade of a right-wing deputy accusing himself of trapping First Deputy Gilles Artigis by filming him with the aim of blackmailing him into a hotel room with an escort. Boy. This is according to his confession “Barber” It was staged at the behest of the mayor – who has always denied any involvement.

Last week, 25 elected officials from the Loire signed a call Thursday for the resignation of the mayor of Saint-Etienne, Gael Perdriau (formerly of LR), after the publication of an article by Mediapart exposing his slanderous remarks toward President Laurent Wacquis. LR from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

After being permanently excluded from LR last month, Gaël Perdriau announced last week before his town council that he intends to remain in his position at the helm of the City and City Council, even in the event of an indictment, citing the presumption of ‘innocence’.

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