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Representatives LFI Boyard and Bilongo decried the “punitive crackdown” that targeted them in Bordeaux

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LFI deputies Luis Boyard and Carlos Martínez Bilongo denounced A “punitive campaign” led far-right activists After disturbances near the grandstand where the two elected officials were speaking with students, Wednesday, December 7, at Purdue University Montaigne.

“About twenty masked persons, armed with iron bars and racist slogans, tried to enter the amphitheater where the meeting with elected officials was taking place, and then tried to intimidate the organizers and spectators of the play.”the university specifies in a press release condemning these facts “with the greatest firmness”.

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The police intervened to disperse the agitators. The conference and exhibition were nevertheless able to take place and finish on time. »

the night before, Clear signs of racism from Action Française and La CocardeThe same source said, two far-right organizations were painted on the walls of the university.

Darmanin calls on elected officials to ‘file a complaint’

The two LFI MPs denounced it in a press release “Punitive expedition” from one Thirty far-right activists and asked To the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, for a commensurate response to the violence of this attack against far-right groups..

“Freedom of expression is a fundamental freedom and what happened is unacceptable.”On Thursday, Gerald Darmanin responded in a tweet inviting the parliamentarians “to file a complaint if they don’t”.

Lewis Boyard filed a complaint last month for the “public insult” Against host Cyril Hanouna, accusing him of extortion He was insulted live for criticizing the owner of his channel [C8, NDLR] »Vincent Bollor.

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Affectionate or the dangers of remote populism

Carlos Martínez Bilongo was present at the rostrum of the National Assembly when the deputy RN from the Gironde, Grégoire de Fournas, started the bicycle launch “to return (they) to Africa”statements that led to his removal from Parliament for a period of 15 days.

This case comes after the opening of an investigation, on Tuesday, in Lyon, regarding the aggression of armed rebels in one of the areas where Al-Khafa was held for a long time.

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