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In Peru, President Pedro Castillo was deposed and arrested, and Vice President Dina Boluarte invested

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Peruvian President Pedro Castillo was under arrest at a police base in Lima on Thursday, December 8, the day after he was sacked and arrested during a roller coaster day as his vice president, Dina Boulwart, invested in Latin America’s leadership. A country accustomed to political crises.

The third impeachment measure won the left-wing president. Pedro Castillo tried his luck by announcing the dissolution of the Parliament he was trying to bring down, a maneuver that qualified instantly “coup” by many characters.

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Pedro Castillo came to power in July 2021 “put under arrest”Attorney General Marietta Barreto announced. Footage showed the isolated head of state sitting on a chair surrounded by the Public Prosecution and the police.

According to Peruvian media, Pedro Castillo was transferred by helicopter to a police special forces base in Lima, where he is expected to be held for a maximum of 15 days. The prosecution also searched the presidential palace on Wednesday evening.

A judicial source told AFP that the investigation into “insurgency” It was opened against Pedro Castillo who had only led the country for seventeen months. In addition to the other six investigations that targeted him in cases of corruption or abuse of influence, with which members of his family and his political entourage were accused.

“Coup d’etat in the purest style of the 20th century”

Separate it from “moral impotence”, was broadcast live on television, and was approved by 101 out of 130 parliamentarians, including 80 from the opposition. In a last-minute attempt to save his position, the former president announced the dissolution of Parliament just hours before the scheduled meeting to decide his fate.

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He also announced the establishment of a “Exceptional emergency government” and I want “to call for a new Congress to be convened as soon as possible with constituent powers”. A maneuver that was ignored by Parliament and widely condemned by the political class.

According to the police, after his attempt at dissolution failed, Pedro Castillo intended to turn to the Mexican embassy and ask for asylum, but was arrested before.

“Today there was a revolution in the purest style of the twentieth century”denounced the President of the Constitutional Court Francisco Morales, saying that “No one owes obedience to a usurping government”.

Independent political analyst Augusto Alvarez told AFP that Pedro Castillo had it Article 117 of the Peruvian Constitution has been violated [était] Illegally. It’s a self-revolution.”.

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During an inauguration ceremony in front of Parliament where she was tied with the presidential sash to become the first woman to hold the presidency of Peru, Dina Boloart also reiterated that there was “It staged a coup attempt promoted by Pedro Castillo, and it did not find an echo in democratic institutions or in the streets.”.

“I suppose [le pouvoir] According to the Peruvian constitution, from this moment on “ and even “July 2026”When Pedro Castillo was going to end, said the 60-year-old lawyer from the same Marxist-inspired party (Free Peru) as him.

“Democratic normalization”

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered peacefully outside parliament. We are tired of this corrupt government, this government that [nous] She’s been flying since day one »Johanna Salazar, a 51-year-old worker, told AFP.

Others came to Pedro Castillo’s defense and called “Respect the people’s vote”like Sissy, the 50-year-old city worker, believes it “Since the arrival of the president, they humiliated him and did not accept a president from the provinces.”Referring to the former teacher in the countryside for 24 years and is a novice in politics.

sequel after announcement

The United States immediately announced that it no longer considers Pedro Castillo to be the current president of the country. We will categorically reject any action contrary to this […] For any constitution, any action that undermines democracy.”State Department spokesman Ned Price said.

Brazilian President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said he was found It is always unfortunate that a democratically elected president suffers such a fate.but he was glad of it “Everything was done within the constitutional framework”.

The Spanish government and the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro A “Tear apart the constitutional order” In Pedro Castillo’s attempts, Madrid welcomes each other “Restore normal democratic life”.

Pedro Castillo had already evaded two impeachment motions “moral impotence” – who previously overthrew the two current presidents, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (right) in 2018 and Martin Vizcarra (center) in 2020 – and most recently in March 2022. He was accused, in particular, of frequent ministerial crises and the formation of four governments in eight months, which is unprecedented in Peru.

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