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Gaël Perdriau in a “complete” withdrawal from his duties as city president but without resignation

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New “withdrawal”, but no resignation. Stuck for three months in a sextortion case, Gaël Perdriau announced Thursday that he’s been settling himself in “complete withdrawal” From his duties as president of the city of Saint-Étienne, in response to new calls for his resignation. In September, he did announce that he was stepping down as mayor.

“I hear the need of some to see me retreat… This is the reason I made the decision to withdraw completely from the capital.”said the former LR, before leaving the session.

sequel after announcement

The case began in August when Mediapart published the confessions of a former comrade of a right-wing deputy accusing himself of trapping First Deputy Gilles Artigis by filming him with the aim of blackmailing him into a hotel room with an escort. Boy. This is according to his confession “Barber” It was staged at the behest of the mayor – who has always denied any involvement.

Partridge under pressure

Half a dozen elected officials introduced the opening debates a “Pledge to enforce respect for morals and ethics for members of urban councils”.

“The legal context weighs heavily on Metropolis”especially since then We witnessed with astonishment an unprecedented attempt to censor the press.says the text read in session, calling for a vote on his resignation. “Mr. Berdriau has lost all legitimacy for the exercise of deputation, to keep him in his posts would be an affront (…) If he has a glimmer of dignity, he must leave his mandates as soon as possible, it is the last favor he must do to the population before he can answer for justice” .

The mayor is excluded from LR

The mayor of Saint-Etienne and the president of the Métropole, who was elected in 2014 and re-elected in 2020, once again denounced “media bombardment” Based on “illegal recordings” with emphasis on “hostile politics” That Laurent Wauquiez, LR President of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, drives according to him opposite the Town Hall and the Metropolis.

The case revealed by Mediapart had already led him to fire his chief of staff and then give up his representative jobs in the city and metropolis, while one of his municipal aides accused of taking the suspicious photos resigned. His exclusion from LR was announced without awaiting any legal action.

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