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Elizabeth Bourne pulls 49.3 for the eighth time in the association

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The weeks follow one another and are similar in the National Assembly: the Prime Minister dedicated again on Thursday, December 8, the responsibility of her government to the National Assembly, with the aim of making the “revenue” part of the project adopt without a vote .. on the state budget for 2023 with a new reading.

49.3, the vicious circle of forced passage

In a now well-established sequence, the LFI responded in process by announcing the filing of a motion of censure, the eighth on their part, to respond to the largest number of recourses to Article 49.3 of the Constitution by the Executive. To pass the budget texts. .

sequel after announcement

“The deadlines”

Elizabeth Bourne justified her decision by the need to adopt the Finance Act “within the time allowed” By the way “None of the opposition groups informed us of any change in their position on their final vote.”.

“Discussions took place in the first reading circulation and the text was adopted, enriched with proposals from the majority as well as dissents” And the “This first part of the Senate Finance Bill has been fully revised.”Prime Minister argued.

But France must be provided with a budget on 1Verse next January » And the “Our discussion time has been shortened by the regular introduction of motions of censure.”And she continued in light of the protests of the opposition.

“Unification” 49.3

“In macronie, the only thing we don’t miss is 49.3. Against the forced passage of an insincere and austere budget, there will be 8e Censorship seeker! »replied LFI deputies leader Mathilde Bannot immediately on Twitter.

sequel after announcement

“the government is a minority” And the “binding by force through”without “no deal”He also denounced LFI Chairman of the Assembly’s Finance Committee Eric Cockerell, calling not to do so “Do not underestimate” Use 49.3.

“Settlement assumes settlement agents”Mathieu Lefevre (Renaissance), when his colleague Jean-Rene Cazeneuve, General Rapporteur of the Budget, saw that “The House of Dialogue, the House of Discussion, on this budget we are talking about fifty hours in total.”. The movement on the bicycle should be discussed at the end of the week.

“The hardest part is the first. After that, it’ll be alright…”: Macro owners put to the test by 49.3

this thursday, We had the shortest session on the budget.with a score of 49.3 drawn from the start, confirmed to the socialist press Christine Beres Bonn, whose group had planned to defend the No movement in advance. Will they be able to go on like this for five years?I asked about the presidential majority.

They isolate themselves from the country. In the department where I work, the “yellow vest” format has just gathered. The country is in so much pain, they haven’t taken action”, estimated the communist Nicolas Sanso, elected from Cher. The left-wing Nupes coalition is expected to put forward a joint motion of no confidence during the final budget reading next week.

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