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Bulgarian police have been accused of locking refugees in cages, and have opened a Frontex investigation

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The European Border Guard Agency (Frontex) said Thursday, December 8, that it will study reports that the Bulgarian police detained migrants in a cage after the United Nations announced ” interest “.

An investigation by several European media claims that the migrants were locked in a makeshift cage at the Bulgarian border with Turkey “On probation” Frontex officers.

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Frontex takes seriously any reports of alleged violations of basic rights.The Warsaw-based agency told AFP.

“The information you have provided us has been passed on to the Frontex Office of Fundamental Rights, which will look into the allegations.”.

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These allegations stem from an investigation published, Thursday, by the newspaper “Le Monde”, in partnership with the Lighthouse Reports organization and other European media.

The temporary cage is “It consists of iron bars and strewn with rubbish, visible from the street.”says the newspaper. Le Monde interviewed four men – Syrians and Afghans – from They said they were being held there after trying to enter Bulgaria.. According to the newspaper, a video showing a Frontex car is visible near the cage in the Bulgarian town of Sredets.

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Frontex told AFP that its human rights office had registered 10 since last year “serious accidents” which allegedly took place on the Bulgarian-Turkish border. “One of them refers to the Sredets area, but it has nothing to do with the conditions of the border guard station.”confirms the agency.

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UNHCR ‘deeply concerned’

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), for its part, told AFP that its representatives had not seen the photos in question and could not comment on them, but they had been. ‘Very concerned about these allegations’.

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We urge the concerned states to investigate all allegations of violations and abuses.said the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The Commission stands ready to support states and the European Commission in establishing independent monitoring mechanisms to follow up and investigate such incidents.pointed out.

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