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Turkish Bayraktar Combat Drones: Erdogan’s Military Wings

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It’s a Ukrainian war song to a driving rhythm that spreads like wildfire. A melody sung in the barracks, in front of the Russian embassies, in the squares of Lviv or Kharkiv:

Invaders attacked us here in Ukraine. They all came in their new uniforms and tanks. But their shiny new toys are on fire now. Bayraktar! Bayraktar! The stricken Kremlin propagandists try to swallow their lies, but a new star is rising before their Tsar Bayraktar! »

Bayraktar? A Turkish military drone that, thanks to its small size and power, doubled the military forces in Kyiv at the beginning of the war. It means “flag bearer” in Turkish. At the beginning of the Russian invasion, in February, Ukraine, which then had about two dozen of these UAVs, sent them to destroy about a dozen helicopters, as many anti-aircraft batteries and half a dozen enemy armored vehicles in just a few days. Turkish drones were also used to divert Russian attention from the two missiles that sank the Moskva last April. It helped drive Moscow’s forces off the symbolic Snake Island in the northwest of the Black Sea.

In an interview with Ukraine’s Come Back Alive Foundation, Haluk Bayraktar, CEO of Baykar, the Turkish defense and aviation company that makes the drones, made it clear that he intends to implement.

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