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LFI withdraws its bill which was taken by the RN

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LFI MPs announced on Wednesday, December 7, the withdrawal of their bill on the reintegration of unvaccinated health institution staff, a text the RPF decided to include on the agenda for its day of assembly in January.

“Suspended caregivers are not intended to serve call strikes to the RN.”the group justified in a press release, adding that it would file a file “new bill” In the subject.

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How Marine Le Pen embarrassed the Hemichael team from the status of the Royal Parliament

On Tuesday, Marine Le Pen announced the inclusion of this controversial text on the agenda of her “parliamentary standing” on January 12. His examination could therefore have resumed where it had left off on November 24, during the day reserved for draft evaders.

This truncated examination has created great tensions in the association. The united opposition seemed about to be able to adopt it, but the presidential camp, opposed to this measure, played for some time by extending the discussions until midnight, the last date.

Embarrassing the Nubians

After announcing that she would appeal this script without LFI’s approval, on Tuesday she failed to obtain one of her own to be appointed co-rapporteur.

LFI MP Caroline Fiat thus remained the sole rapporteur, and her group initially decided to advocate for it under the RN standing. “If they want to leave half their stature to us, that is up to them.”the rebel explained.

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Unvaccinated caregiver reinstated: five questions about ‘historic’ court decision

But this decision, which was deplored internally, caused an embarrassment within the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes). ” not this ! “Former Communist presidential candidate Fabien Roussel reacted on Twitter, while PS Olivier Faure’s first secretary called on LFI not to fall “Into this trap with both feet.”.

“There has never been and never will be an agreement between our group and the far right”The rebel group insisted on Wednesday, denouncing “Unacceptable lies” in this subject.

A new proposal will be submitted

With over 300 edits considered, it would take fifteen hours of discussion to get to the end of the text. and vote “So it’s impossible” In the RN niche, he added.

So LFI announced that it was withdrawing “This text has unfortunately been banned due to government obstruction.”.

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“You will shut up!”: MPs brace amid debate over reintegrating unvaccinated carers

“We will introduce a new bill, which was co-signed by deputies of all political communities abroad who wish to do so.”is completed.

The Republican running mate, Sebastian Chino, criticized his opponents’ decision. “These rebels prefer their own commercial interests to those of the French… That says a lot”replied on Twitter.

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