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Elisabeth Jego applied to the Supreme Council of the Magistracy

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Keeper of the Seals between 1997 and 2000, Elisabeth Jego should be one of the leading appointments to the new Supreme Council of the Magistracy (CSM) which, like every four years, should be fully renewed at the end of January. According to our information, the Elysee is considering appointing her as one of the eight qualified figures in this constitutional body since the judges have not been in the majority since 2008.

A figure in the legal world due to the Presumption of Innocence Act – enacted in the 000 – that bears her name, Elisabeth Guigou recently but briefly chaired the Independent Commission on Incest and Sexual Violence against Children. Last February, she announced her support for Emmanuel Macron in his second presidential campaign. In the new CSM, it could find its chief of staff from the Place Vendôme Christian Vigouroux – appointed by the vice-president of the Council of State – and Judge Jean-François Pien, former advisor to his cabinet – chosen by the presidents of the courts of appeal. Other dignitaries are appointed by the Assembly, the Senate, and the Advocates. And the judges vote on their part: two-thirds of the votes are for the Judges Syndicate and one-third for the Judicial Syndicate.

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Elections for the National Security Council are among the most complex mechanisms in the republic. Part of the outside dignitaries would have to pass before the Senate and Assembly Laws Committee before touching the Holy Grail.

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