Home Politics Aurélien Taché, Deputy Ecologist (formerly LREM), accused of disrupting a play because he was drunk

Aurélien Taché, Deputy Ecologist (formerly LREM), accused of disrupting a play because he was drunk

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The director of the ecologist accuses deputy Aurelien Tachi of having it “unhinged” His play was shown in one of the Parisian plays on the evening of Tuesday, December 6, while he was drunk, which Al-Mukhtar defends himself.

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This evening (Tuesday), the performance of Representative Aurelien Tachi, completely drunk, was hampered. Talking loudly, clapping silly, cursing at the comedian until the latter interrupts and tells him to get out.”On Facebook, he was angry at Benjamin Guillard, who was playing him “Letters to Anne” It is performed at the Lepic Theatre.

sequel after announcement

“Then the manager sadly threatened to take revenge. It was absolutely heartbreaking and amazing. Who do you think you are Aurélien Taché? What world do you live in?”protested the director. Contacted by AFP, the elected representative of Val d’Oise in the Paris region did not respond.

“a drink or two”

But to the newspaper “Liberation” he said to himself “really surprised” extent of the scene “that lasted two minutes”. He said he did “applauded” And therefore “A bit of naivety disturbs the acting.”.

“Meanwhile, the phone rang, adding to the noise. Then I wanted to clap softly and wave my hands. What the actor didn’t understand, and so he asked me. Which I did! Surely by grumbling, by saying it was unacceptable, but I left.”The deputy added that he has “Have a drink or two before.” widget. At this point, the environmental group expects no punishment against Aurélien Taché and is waiting to find out more.

And the director’s copy confirmed

As quoted by “Liberation” actress Marie Clotilde Ramos Ibáñez (“beautiful life”), who was present in the room on Tuesday evening, corroborated the account given by the director, confirming that the man she did not immediately identify as Aurélien Taché had fired upon leaving the room: “You’ll hear about me, I’m a deputy.”. At the request of AFP, the Lebec Theater could not be reached immediately.

At the beginning of September, Aurelien Tachy was sentenced to a fine of 5,000 euros in Niort for insulting the police who were intervening after an attack he was the victim of in this city in February.

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