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Abdullah, a 19-year-old Syrian refugee, was shot at the Bulgarian border

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The scene takes place at the beginning of October on the border between Bulgaria and Turkey. In a moment of tension between refugees wanting to seek asylum in Europe and the Bulgarian security forces, an explosion is heard. A few seconds later, a young man fell to the ground. Abdullah, a 19-year-old Syrian, was wounded by a live bullet.

Thanks to the verification work of the Journalists Association Lighthouse Reports And several international media, including “Le Monde”, published videos on Monday 5 December that allow for the first time to certify such an event at the borders of Europe.

sequel after announcement

Immigrants, those “undesirables” whose lives matter less

As the French daily recounts in detail, the group of exiles shown in the photographs managed to enter Bulgarian territory, but ended up returning without the possibility of applying for asylum, while the law allowed them to do so. After throwing stones at the police, live ammunition hit Abdullah in the arm and chest.

By verifying several video clips, and relying in particular on an audio analysis of the sequence, Le Monde was able to establish that the bullet came from an area where Bulgarian forces were present.

Bulgaria denies any responsibility

However, Bulgarian Interior Minister Ivan Demirdzhiev denied any involvement of his forces, saying that there were ” There are no cases of violence against immigrants and that there There is no evidence that the shooting was by a Bulgarian policeman “.

This incident took place in a context of great tension at the Bulgarian border, marked in particular by the death in November of a police officer, a gunshot victim. The author has not been identified. The European Commission proposed new measures on Monday 5 December to try to reduce the flow of refugees along the Balkan route, where some 130,000 unauthorized crossing attempts took place in 2022.

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