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Who is Marine Tondeleire, the future president of the EELV who will have to revive the environmentalist party

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1. Chef

It’s almost official: Marine Tondelier will become patron saint of Europe-Ecologie-les Verts at the age of 36. After touring meals from August to November, the regional councilor of Hauts-de-France has largely anticipated proposals backed by Yannick Jadot and Sandrine Rousseau , and they are two of the most prominent green personalities at the present time. She sets herself a goal: to amass 1 million sympathizers within five years. But she will have to deal with the most pressing matter: raising the flag of a party saddled with the disastrous presidential election and the Bayou affair.

EELV Conference: Sandrine Rousseau seems to be very much in the minority

2. “Default”

In the first round, this unknown to the general public was supported by most of the mayors and MPs of the EELV. In this party she knows like the back of her hand, she has always been part of the mainstream, carried on by her mentor, Cécile Duflot. There is a rule that prevents a national secretary from also being a mayor or a member of parliament. “The Marines are the leader by default, and they are the last ones left in their movement.”he breathes Member of Parliament.

sequel after announcement

3. Henin Beaumont

She cut her teeth in her hometown of Pas-de-Calais. Since 2014, Marine Tondelaere has been elected municipal official in Hénin-Beaumont, the city run by Steeve Briois, a close friend of Marine Le Pen. In this former mining basin that once housed the National Assembly, the 30-year-old bore the ditch as best she could. “I’ve been offered emergency exits but this is my city, I grew up here, and I don’t intend to give it up.”declare.

4. Trial

She has learned a lot since her first term as opposition on the borderlands. “Opposite Crazy People Are Too Configurable”, Emphasizes. She told it all in the book “News from the Front.” It dissects far-right municipal tactics, pressure strikes and intimidation of all kinds. When the book was released in 2017, Priwa sued her for defamation. But justice considered that she was showing good faith. She is very proud of that. You get it: There is no small victory on the National Front.

5. Leaves

Because Marine Tondelaaire has so far stacked electoral jackets. In opposition to Marine Le Pen, she ran for legislative elections three times. She had a tangible motto: “Other freedom possible!” » But the voters did not follow. The Greens appreciate the somewhat absurd self-sacrifice of the soldier Tondelaire. Half-paradox leader: “It gets shot down every time, it’s an honor to go on.”

6. Catholicism

His family is not really politicized. His grandparents were pharmacists, his father a homeopath and his mother a dentist. She was brought up in the Catholic tradition. A few years ago, between two jobs, I went on a trip to the monastery to take the time to think. Today, she prefers not to say anything about her faith. She still has an intimate conviction: To do politics, you have to believe in something.

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7. Baby Duflot

When I left Science Po, I dreamed of being a hospital administrator. She finally started as a collaborator in the Senate before joining Cécile Duflot in the Assembly. When the former housing minister had to drop politics in 2017, the young Tondelier was hired by a federation of associations working for air quality.

8. Companies

Within EELV, I rose quickly through the ranks. For eight years, she took care of Summer Days, the movement’s summer meeting. The mayor of Grenoble, Eric Biolle, who recruited her as campaign manager during the primaries, maintains iron power and one “Collective Sense”. People say it’s a company.says his friend David Cormand.

9. Blur

Is there a tondelier line? When asked the question, the interested party responds with two words: “People’s Ecology”. His line is an ecology confirmation »Cormand continues. Among the greens, some find it a bit fuzzy, even a little bland. A great elected official sneers: “The Navy is friendly, it’s great for a 4% party.”

10. Grammar

Once recruited, she will have to smooth things over in a formation still shaken by the Bayeux affair and the sharp expressions of Sandrine Rousseau. But also define its territory. She has her own idea of ​​restoring collective discipline in the ranks, and says she wants to set the rules of the game but admits to a slight fatigue: “It hits me hard when environmentalists bump into each other.”

Sandrine Rousseau, Permanent Enhancer

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