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What’s in this immigration bill this Tuesday, December 6th

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eject more “Delinquent Aliens”Reforming the asylum system and organizing some undocumented workers. The government will unveil the main outlines of the immigration bill on Tuesday, December 6, before a non-vote debate in the National Assembly.

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The Home Office confirmed on Monday that it would take “inside account” Exchanges to be conducted in the National Assembly, to draft its own immigration and find “flexibility” With opposition to this controversial text. These are the main points.

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• Give priority to the expulsion of delinquent foreigners

According to statements made by Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin since the summer, the first axis of the bill aims to speed up the expulsion of delinquent aliens, according to a document circulated by the executive branch that collected its proposals.

while the execution rate Obligations to leave French territory (OQTF) less than 10%, the government wants Litigation reform for foreignerswhich impedes the work of administrative courts, from twelve possible appeals against evictions to four.

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As the text states, in the event of a serious threat to public order, “Reduce the scope of protection” Against the expulsion enjoyed by some immigrants, in particular those who arrived in France before the age of 13 and those who had resided there for more than 10 years. Interested About 4,000 people a year.The Ministry of the Interior stressed.

“The government is seeing reality and trying to provide answers” With this procedure we added to the ministry, while the document mentions a “Excessive representation of foreigners in acts of deviance”. Which is the situation “decadent” In recent years, 40% of foreigners were involved in robberies in 2021 (28% in 2017) and 35% in violent unarmed robberies (25% in 2017) in major cities, according to the government. “We are focusing our efforts on those who are responsible for disturbing public order.” with one “define the priorities” Who expelled them, summarizes the Ministry of the Interior.

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Reforming the asylum system

The government wants to initiate a “structural reform” The resort has a dual objective: to speed up procedures and achieve faster deportation. One of the main procedures aims to issue the OQTF to asylum seekers “As soon as the application is rejected by the Ofpra”, the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons, without waiting for a possible appeal. However, implementation of the OQTF will be delayed “In the event of appeal to the National Court of Asylum”the National Asylum Court.

From Germany, the debate about immigration in France is incomprehensible.

The project plans to expand the use of a single judge in the National Court of Asylum (CNDA), which essentially rules collectively. As stipulated “localization” From this jurisdiction (based in the Paris region) within the administrative courts of appeal in the regions.

In the logic of accelerating the procedures, France’s asylum spaces will be created, with Ofpra Agents Attending Along with the French Office for Immigration and Integration (Ofii) and the Prefectures.

• Organizing unregistered workers

The executive branch wants to allow undocumented workers “Already in the territory” To obtain a residence permit ‘Jobs in distress’in sectors suffering from a labor shortage. This will undergo an update to the list of occupations that was created in 2008 and has only been updated once since then. This will be the address A term of one year, renewable, if the conditions are still met.Matignon said. To see if the job is still there “in tension”.

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“Today, let’s be clear, do we honestly believe that catering, agricultural work and many other sectors operate without immigration? (…) The answer is no.”Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday in Parisien. These provisions will be accompanied by a strong fight against illegal work, in particular through fines “deterrent (deterrent)” to the business owner.

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In the same spirit, the government wants Allowing an irregular worker to submit a settlement request himselfMatignon added. What should “To clean up sectors where the use of illegal labor is excessively prevalent”.

The government also wants “Enabling asylum seekers in desperate need of protection to get to work more quickly” Thus he is exempted from the six-month waiting period.

• Make fluency in French a condition for integration

Executive want “Requirement for the issuance of a multi-year residence permit for a minimum level of proficiency in the French language”where obtaining a residence permit is currently conditional on participation in language training. “It is about moving from a commitment to the means to a commitment to the result.”sums up the government.

Patrick Weil: “Immigration is an addition, not a replacement”

Gerald Darmanin had, in November, set the course for the language exam for all residence permit holders. He then estimated that 200,000 people already in France would have to take this exam.

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