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How Marine Le Pen embarrassed the Hemichael team from the status of the Royal Parliament

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It took very little, on Tuesday, for the text to create universal emergency assistance for victims of domestic violence to be presented to the Assembly by… the National Assembly. At the end of the meeting of the Conference of Presidents, which notably brings together the leaders of each parliamentary group, the deputies finally acted so that this text, already adopted in the Senate at the end of October, would be included on the agenda for January 16. In the traditional framework of the parliamentary week. And not so, as Marine Le Pen said a few hours ago, by the deputy of the RN party of Bouches du Rhone, Emmanuelle Tachy de la Pagerie, during the standing of the RN parliament on January 12. a ” satisfaction For the centrist senator from the North, Valerie Letard, who got her vote passed by the Senate in mid-October.

And the defeat of the party of RN who had hoped to take credit, probably, for the adoption of this text by the National Assembly? In fact, he made the decision In extreme cases This morning’s Conference of Presidents demonstrates above all Parliament’s naivety in the face of the Frontier Group. and the ability of Le Pen’s marines to sow discord in the château of Bourbon by making better use of the legislative weapons at their disposal.” This isn’t the first time this has happened. We really need to wake up to better anticipate this kind of situation. You cannot be naive and not put such important texts on the agenda. As a result, it was almost taken over by RN sums up an elected official of the majority. According to our information, during the meeting on Tuesday, none of the representatives of the National Front opposed the proposal of the Presidency to include the text. in a partisan way A few days after his major. Another way for the RN to play the role of the good student and hope for luck to return from the majority during the upcoming debates?

sequel after announcement

COP saves furniture

Among the fronts, the date of January 12 has long been marked with a white stone. As a reminder, each parliamentary group can set the agenda once per regular session by putting forward Special Bills (PPL). “The opportunity to put our opponents face to face with their contradictions!” », Already promised a relative of Marine Le Pen in “Ops”, starting this summer. Patchwork, Marine Le Pen then aspiring, from ” tag texts In line with his program during the last presidential elections, and More consensus proposals “,” less ideological “He’s supposed to make his will clear.” To work concretely to improve the lives of the French people And they may embarrass their neighbors on the seats of the National Assembly, or even beat them with a pole in the extended house…

In accordance with this strategy, Marine Le Pen confirmed on Tuesday that two of the nine texts on the status of the national army will come from other political formations. With regard to the first, which thus relates to financial support for women victims of domestic violence, the extreme right did not take risks, since the PPP, which had already won its approval in the Senate, had no opposition in the Assembly. method, ” Not very friendly One of the elected this morning notes, to take all the credit in the case of adoption, presumably. And this, while the RN has not participated in any way in its development in recent months. October on charges of … committing acts of violence against his wife.

a ” heartbreak To her editors who watched “PPL” ostage contract by RN. ” But what do you want to do? Parliamentarian asks, The National Council leaves the consensual texts on the table and then gets angry because the National Army takes them of its own accord… A clinical note shared, of course, by Marine Le Pen’s confidante, who could also be co-reporter of the text screened on Jan. 16: We use the means at our disposal, within the rules. The good news is that this basic text, which most seem to want to shelve, can be quickly adopted. We are the ones who put her back in the ring! Praised by Sebastien Chino, deputy of the Republican Party from the North, Vice-President of the National Assembly. A skirmish reminiscent of the “Parliamentary Study Groups” episode only three weeks ago. Here again, the National Front benefited from the inaction of other formations to temporarily assume the chairmanship of the study groups, which is something Very symbolic, dedicated to the fight against anti-Semitism and AIDS, before retreating, through new, more beneficial negotiations.

Rebels forced to retreat?

But the majority are not the only victims today. The other “surprising” text that Marine Le Pen announced she wants to defend on January 12 concerns the reintegration of caregivers who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19. This is to resume the text of the LFI Vice-President of the Assembly Caroline Fiat and to continue the discussions that began during the parliamentary standing of the rebels on November 24. An explosive topic that has been the subject of heated debates in Hemikael, in particular because of the obstruction strategy assumed by the presidential majority – despite the will of the opposition. Having embarrassed the majority with domestic violence, the New National Front put the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) in a precarious position. The latter was denounced ” Trap “let’s quickly know that they now reserve the right to withdraw the text of their colleague Caroline Fiat – thus avoiding the defense of the PPL within the framework of the RN’s parliamentary sphere … Comment from one front: ” from any act. But we have to assume before their constituents… »

In all, only 4 or 5 of the eight texts that the National Front will propose on January 12th should have time to discuss. The first of them, advocated by the deputy of the Somme Jean-Philippe Tanguy, will be in accordance with the presidential program of Marine Le Pen and will aim Encouraging companies to increase net wages by 10%.by freezing employer contributions “up to three smic”. To this will be added provisions on the restoration of proportional representation, on the assumption of self-defense for police personnel, on household waste collection tax, or even on the return of uniforms to public schools and colleges in order to fight. Islamic pressure A measure supported by a part of the right and whose examination can cause new surprises, we want to believe in the RN.

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