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UN experts say the terrorist group Islamic State has used chemical weapons

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United Nations experts have uncovered evidence of the use of chemical weapons by the Islamic State (ISIS) during the period of its declared caliphate, according to a report that the Security Council was due to discuss on Monday, December 5.

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Members of the unit, the investigative team tasked with helping hold ISIS accountable for its crimes, claim to have collected Digital Certificates and Documentary Evidence It specifically relates to the use of chemical weapons in Iraq under the Caliphate (2014-2019).

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Chemical Dispersing Devices

Experts conclude that IS Manufactured and manufactured rockets and mortars, chemical missile launcher ammunition, chemical missile warheads, and improvised explosive devices.

The investigation focused on “For the financing, supply and logistics of (ISIS) and its relations with the command elements, in order to better understand the alleged sites of manufacture, production and use of weapons in Iraq, to ​​obtain additional information on the producing customers (…) and the vectors used”.

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The experts focused in particular on the attack on Taza Khurmato on March 8, 2016. They claimed to have collected ‘a large amount of evidence’In particular “Payroll and correspondence items” to the jihadist group.

the team “I examined evidence of compensation from families for the ‘martyrdom’ of their members killed while handling chemical weapons (…) and records of training given (…) to high-ranking officers in the use of chemical weapons. Chemicals as weapons, including chemical dispersal devices “.

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major crimes

Among the products used were Aluminum phosphide, chlorine, Clostridium botulinum, cyanide, nicotine, ricin, and thallium sulfate.. The report highlights “The medical complications that the residents of Taza Khurmato are currently suffering from (particularly chronic diseases, cancers, and reproductive disorders)”.

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It also discusses other major crimes, including mass sexual violence, the persecution of the Christian community in Iraq and other communities, as well as the destruction of cultural and religious heritage.

And the jihadists had established in June 2014 a “Succession” In a vast area straddling Iraq and Syria. An international coalition led by the United States fought the group until, in March 2019, the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) captured the last stronghold of the Islamic State group, Al-Baghouz (eastern Syria), marking the end of the war. “Succession”.

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