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Sesame Street star Bob McGrath dies at 90

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Bob McGrath, who has portrayed Bob Johnson over five decades Sesame Streetat the age of 90.

McGrath passed away peacefully at his home Sunday, December 4, according to a statement from the actor’s family.

Along with Loretta Long, who played Susan Robinson, McGrath was one of the longest-serving human actors in the series. Sesame Street. Starting with the series premiere in 1969 through 2016, McGrath portrayed Bob Johnson, the music teacher who lived above Hooper’s. His character is best known for singing songs like “People in Your Neighborhood”, “Believe in Yourself”, and “I’ve Got Two”.


McGrath has appeared in over 150 episodes of Sesame Street, as well as in numerous specials, direct-to-video movies, and two feature films. After the show was retooled in 2017, McGrath moved on to the role Sesame Street Brand Ambassador, appearing at events on behalf of the workshop. He then reprized his role as Bob in one final in 2019 for the 50th anniversary.

After serving in the US Army during the Korean War, McGrath initially worked as a folk singer, and briefly found fame as a folk act in Japan. Even after throwing it on Sesame Street, and continued to release music—mostly from a variety of children’s collections. He has also written a number of children’s books.

McGrath is survived by his five children, five granddaughters, and three great-grandchildren.

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