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Massive Aid to US Businesses Could ‘Fragment the West’

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French President Emmanuel Macron, during a state visit to Washington, warned the United States on Wednesday that its $430 billion investment and support program to help their businesses and fight inflation is too risky. “Fragmentation of the West”.

Macron’s visit: For the United States, France remains difficult … but it is a strategic ally

In a speech to the French community at the French Embassy in Washington, Emmanuel Macron also warned of the danger of exposure to terrorism “risk” that “Europe and France have become a kind of adjustment variable” The rivalry between the United States and China, the two leading global powers.

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investment discouragement

Emmanuel Macron showed himself on the first day of his official visit to Washington, the second after 2018 under the presidency of Republican Donald Trump. ” directly “. And the French President confided in front of his compatriots at the embassy that he had He said frankly and friendship [aux élus américains] […] What has happened in recent months is challenging for us because we have begun to shift our focus to energy issues and the cost of war [en Ukraine] It is not the same in Europe and the United States.”.

“But above all, the choices I make and the objectives of which I participate in, in particular the law of reducing inflation [IRA, un programme de réformes et d’investissements environnementaux et sociaux pour les entreprises américaines] They are choices that will disintegrate the West.lamented the French president.

For Emmanuel Macron, the Irish Republican Army “Creating such differences between the USA and Europe that those who work for many companies will say to themselves ‘we don’t make investments on the other side of the ocean anymore'” Atlantic.

“These options can only work if there is coordination”

During this lunch with the US parliamentarians, he denounced the measures “very aggressive” It was taken by Democratic President Joe Biden to boost American industry, by demanding better economic coordination on both sides of the Atlantic.

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“These choices can only work if there is coordination between us, if we decide together, if we re-sync.”

The plan mainly focuses on climate and social spending, and this plan is called the “Inflation Reduction Act”, and provides investments of more than 430 billion dollars, including 370 billion dollars to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, which is the largest effort it has ever made. government at all. the United States in this field.

Why (obviously) Biden and Macron would patch things up

On the first day of the state visit to celebrate Franco-American friendship, the French president demanded it “Let us try together to live up to what history has sealed between us, an alliance stronger than anything else.”On his second state visit to the United States in four years Show[ait] As well as the strength and relationship between the United States and France “.

But he warned his ally again: “The danger is that in the face of the challenges of the times, the United States first looks at the United States, it is normal […] Then look at the rivalry with China, and in a way Europe and France have become kind of an adjustment variable.” between the two leading world powers.

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