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Macron supporters hope to rally the left to the National Assembly

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head left. The bill to speed up the installation of wind turbines and solar panels in France arrives on Monday 5 December in the assembly circulation, and supporters of the Macrons hope to find allies among socialists and environmentalists to overcome the reluctance of the LRs.

After relying on the right to adopt its previous texts, the majority is changing course this time with this law that aims to compensate France’s lag in terms of renewable energies (EnR). A topic sparked by the news, and marked by fears of power outages in January.

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Maxence Cordis: “It’s time to overcome the conflict between nuclear and renewable energy”

During the review in the committee, “We have taken up the proposals of the deputies, in particular from the left and from the LIOT (Freedom, Independents, Overseas and Territories)”Energy Transition Minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher argued in the Journal du Dimanche. All conditions have been met for them to vote on this text.she pleaded.

The executive power, which only has a relative majority in the Palais Bourbon, conjures up an experiment “flexibility” Found in the Senate, where the text was widely adopted with the support of the right.

France remains highly dependent on imported fossil fuels

I have confidence in the national representation and see that a fairly broad agreement has been found in the Senate. So I’m sure of that.”And the “Parisian” reassured Emmanuel Macron on Saturday. The head of state outlined the challenges by 2050: to increase solar capacity tenfold to more than 100 gigawatts and to deploy 50 offshore wind farms to 40 gigawatts.

Currently, solar and wind power account for only 19.3% of total final energy consumption, already below the target set for 2020 of 23%, and France remains highly dependent on imported fossils for energy.

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But in the Assembly, LR deputies intend to reintroduce measures that the Senate has partially waived: the veto power of mayors on new projects, as well as a ban on offshore wind turbines less than 40 kilometers from the coast.

Why is France lagging behind in developing renewable energies?

“Seeing the LRs of the Assembly at odds with the LRs of the Senate, it’s always surprising”Renaissance rapporteur Pierre Cazeneuve squeaked to AFP. lament “short term reading” and the “Red lines” Pierre Cazeneuve, LR, believes their strategy will be difficult to defend due to “It’s a question of energy sovereignty, purchasing power, jobs and industries.”.

RN also wants to challenge the text, unlike wind turbines, from “Intermittent energies that make us dependent on the weather as well as dependent on other nations”MP Pierre Morin accuses.

The good on the left?

On the left, the Socialists have already made their point “kind of fine” And environmentalists should not vote against it, even though they say the bill is ‘Still not quite enough’.

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As a sign of undertaking, Agnès Pannier-Runacher claims to join them in their desire to use “As far as possible in areas already artificial for the installation of renewable energies: rooftops, parking lots, along railway and river routes…” “And we are working to create an intermediary for renewable energy, proposed by ecologists”The minister argued further.

The rebels regret their existence “Far from the text of environmental planning and popular ecology that the country needs”.

Solar and wind power attracted 15 times more investment than nuclear power in 2021

The committee’s examination was marked by the deletion of Article 4, which aims to restrict certain legal remedies against renewable energy projects. The Executive intends to reintroduce this main article.

Greens deputies, LR or RN see him as a threat “Biodiversity”Which is disputed by the presidential camp that he claims to want to avoid ‘Litigation that failed’.

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This law is often technical, and deals with a range of topics including agriculture, that is, the installation of solar panels on agricultural lands, with a balance between energy and food sovereignty.

On the part of NGOs, WWF advocates “Transcend partisan positions” for “find a deal”. The wind industry, for its part, urged MPs on Saturday for an amendment “Significantly” text Enable France to meet its energy needs.

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