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François Mitterrand and the Communists, “A contract is a contract,” he told l’Obs 50 years ago

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After François Mitterrand had assumed the presidency of the Socialist Party the previous year, in June 1972 he negotiated with the French Communist Party (PCF) the signing of the Joint Programme. In December, a few months before the legislative elections in March 1973, he defended during an interview with our journalist Marcel Padovani that we are republishing this bipartisan agreement, while the right plays the role of a communist scarecrow in an attempt to intimidate the people. voters.

In the archives of “Obs”

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The right will remain within the majority in the 1973 elections, but the left will recoup part of its losses in 1968 (after de Gaulle’s dissolution decision), from 91 to 176 deputies. The left will again lose the legislative elections in 1978, then François Mitterrand will reach the Elysee in May 1981 (51.76% in the second round against the outgoing Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, 25.85% in the first round, far ahead of the candidate of the French Communist Party. Georges Marchais 15.35 %). The Left would then have an absolute majority in the Assembly, with 58% of the seats in the Socialist Party and the French Communist Party which would lose nearly half of its deputies.

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An article published in le N

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