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Eric Ciotti and Bruno Retaio advance to the second round

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The other suspicious contest this weekend was after France and Poland: the Republican presidential elections. Eric Ciotti, who belongs to a right-wing line, and Bruno Retaillo, who represents the conservative and liberal wing of the party, who qualified on Sunday December 4 for the second round to elect the president of the LR, announced on Sunday the transition period. Party chairwoman Annie Gainard.

Alpes-Maritimes deputy Eric Ciotti received 42.73% of the vote against 34.45% for Senate President LR Bruno Ritaio. Lot’s deputy O’Reilin Brady came in third with 22.29% of the vote. The participation rate reached 72.67%, and the second round will be held at the end of next week.

sequel after announcement

“From tonight the contest is reopened.”Welcome to this post, said Annie Gainard ” Excellence “.

In the second round “It will be more about personal differences than issues of line”confirmed.

Ciotti vs Retailleau, two different visions

Eric Ciotti, deputy of Alpes-Maritimes, was the favorite in the ballot, at the helm of the country’s largest union (about 9,000 members). His very assertive language on sovereignty and immigration satisfies in the Southeast and beyond, as evidenced by his performance in the 2021 primary: He then advanced to the second round, amassing nearly 40% of the vote against Valerie Pecresse. He could benefit from the support of Laurent Wauquiez, who wants to bring him in quickly as the right-wing candidate for 2027. The downside: the investigation opened by the National Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) into his ex-wife’s jobs.

Bruno Retailleau, patron of the LR Senators, represents the conservative and liberal wing of LR in this election.

sequel after announcement

Vendéen could boast a long list of supporters, which for a time earned him the nickname Goldilocks, despite his posturing.

The elected official from the Movement for France stressed to Philippe de Villiers his stubbornness during the campaign, and mocked in veiled words the agreement of his rivals after their joint meeting on Tuesday: “If we unite against me, it is good that I represent a danger.”.

with his plan “my people’s right” For social concerns, as evidenced by a provision on the creation of courts specializing in domestic violence adopted Thursday in the National Assembly, Lot’s deputy Aurelien Brady also had very strong accents on the monarch.

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