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Almost half of the power grid is still out of order

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Nearly half of Ukraine’s power grid remained idle on Thursday, December 1, a week after Russia’s latest strikes on energy infrastructure, private operator DTEK noted, while emphasizing efforts ” day and night “ electricians to repair it.

Ukraine: Winter of all dangers

“Russia destroyed 40% of the Ukrainian energy system with terrorist missile attacks. Dozens of energy workers were killed and injured.”DTEK said in a statement posted to Telegram.

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After suffering humiliating military defeats on the ground, Russia began targeting Ukrainian energy facilities in October, causing massive damage and severe power shortages affecting millions of Ukrainians every day.

New crisis prediction

On November 24, the last massive strikes on these sites left entire regions cold and dark, including the capital, Kyiv. And the new Russian strikes threaten to significantly deteriorate the energy situation, and provoke a new refugee crisis in the midst of winter.

Electrical engineers are doing everything possible and impossible to stabilize the situation with regard to the power supply.DTEK said, saying its technical teams are working ” day and night “ To quickly fix these infrastructures.

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Private operator also said “Do everything so that in every house in Kyiv there is electricity at least once or twice” Daily.

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To get a little light or heat during the multiple daily time periods when they are without electricity, Ukrainians have to resort to workarounds, notably the use of candles or generators, which sometimes lead to fatal accidental fires.

On Wednesday, the Ukrainian Relief Agency said it had identified the previous day as nine dead and eight injured in these local fires.

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