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After the dog “Douglas” two cats called

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Are the Republicans on their way to becoming the monsters’ favorite party? Less than a year after the controversy, “Douglas” was named after the dog that ” successful To vote in the right-wing presidential primaries, local councilors do not appear to have taken all necessary measures to ensure complete honesty in the internal ballot. And so, this Sunday, December 4th, our colleagues from “JDD” claim to have successfully registered two cats, Kalli and Zizou, to participate in the election of the new president of LR – which is taking place until 6 pm this evening.

“Fake members are everywhere”

We understand that manipulation has been fairly easy since the two animals were registered last October with a journalist’s personal details, without arousing the slightest suspicion. And with good reason: An internal party document quoted by “JDD” asserts that the LR’s supreme authority, the election policeman, only verifies members’ identities when this happens. Personal Data “(mailing address, email, id) user” four times or more »…by using the same name or the same address, it becomes quite possible to enroll as many new members (and as many electors) as possible without an examination. With their input, it was so easy to register Callie and Zizou and to receive the congratulatory email from Annie Ginevard, the interim president of the party, who thanked them for ” commitment And then, Saturday evening, very quietly, who vote for the candidate of their choice.

sequel after announcement

Comment from an LR executive with our colleagues: “ Technically, you are entitled to three votes per person. There are fake followers everywhere As a reminder, the House of Representatives has nearly doubled since the summer, going from 48,000 to more than 91,000 on the eve of the election…Are they appalling security breaches, that could alter the outcome of the ballot? During the primaries, just over 3,500 votes separated , at most, among the candidates in the first round.

At 8 pm on Saturday, just two hours after the voting opened, the turnout was 24%, but it was impossible to reach any conclusion. It will be necessary to wait a few minutes after 6 pm, this Sunday, for the judgment of the first round that will tip the balance of power, unless one of the three candidates has already received more than 50% of the vote. On paper, Alpine-Maritime MP Eric Ciotti appears to be the frontrunner, at the helm of the country’s largest federation with nearly 9,000 members, and up against rivals Bruno Retaio and Aurelien Brady.

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