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The council adopts thrice penalties against squatters

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On Friday, December 2, the National Assembly voted to triple the penalties for squatters, up to three years in prison, while considering a bill from the presidential majority.

The association takes action to expedite the termination of lease contracts in the event of non-payment of rent

The measure, adopted by a vote of 25 to 3, is one of the key provisions of the text that also aims to better protect landlords from unpaid rents and whose Friday check continued to be in circulation.

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It harmonizes the penalties imposed on squatters with those currently targeted at A.J “The owner who changed the lock”or up to three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros, argued its rapporteur, Macronian deputy Guillaume Casparian.

Protecting “young owners”

To cover all scenarios, not just that “home invasion”Another provision adopted this Friday also creates the crime of occupying without right or title, including buildings for economic use, as requested by LR Group.

Another article adopted on Friday increases penalties for those who pretend to be a landlord in order to rent a property.

Guillaume Kasparian insisted that the aim of the text was above all protection “Little landlords who don’t roll for gold”Sometimes they find themselves facing years of legal action to regain the use of their property.

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When rent turns into a nightmare: ‘Mom, we’re scared, the guy’s over there’

Without persuading the left, a headwind against the law “against tenants” and the “Criminalize all the poor in housing”. Along with the associations, the provision is criticized in particular for its ability to drive tenants out onto the streets weakened by inflation and soaring energy bills.

“We talk about squatters a lot, but most of the people who will be affected are people who have regularly entered a rental accommodation and find themselves in eviction proceedings because of unpaid rent.”On Friday, MP William Martinet of the LFI party criticized.

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