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Parliament passed the Social Security budget after a motion of censure by Nupes was rejected

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End applause in Parliament for the 2023 Social Security budget, after 49.3 seventh of the fall: On Friday evening, December 2, the National Assembly rejected a motion to censure the Nubians, leading to the final approval of the text.

The motion received only 87 votes, far from the outright majority of 288 needed to bring down the government. The result was poor for the left, at the end of the week when the SNCF strike managed to prevent parliamentarians from going to Paris, according to coalition members.

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“The hardest part is the first part. After that, it’ll be alright…”: Macro owners put to the test by 49.3

In front of a sporadic cyclist, Elizabeth Bourne lamented that she would follow motions of blame Significantly reduce useful time for discussion on this budget only, “6 Motions of Blame, More Than Three Years by Michel Rocard”, scolded the Prime Minister, very upset. Prime Minister between 1988 and 1991, Socialist Rocard is the one who used the most 49.3.

“Without 49.3, there is no suggestion of censure.”

The proposal under discussion on Friday came on the heels of the prime minister firing again on Wednesday the constitutional weapon of 49.3, in order to pass this law without a vote.

“You’re spinning like a broken cylinder.”LFI deputy Manuel Bompard was fired on Friday, against the back of left-hand apostrophes “End of Judgment” Macronists. ‘We have to put the chicken back into the egg: without 49.3, there is no blame movement’reported Muyetai Brotherson, of the Communist Group.

I confirm quest “Bargain relentlessly in good faith”The Prime Minister proposed to the opposition “Entering a discussion, transparently, on the road” From A lengthy discussion about the content of the texts.instead of giving A scene of heartbreak and sterile debates.

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Elizabeth Bourne, Her Secret Story

Neither LR MPs nor independents from Liot’s group were present.

The RN group did not join its votes to the left, unlike in previous times. We are not here to work as an advertising agency. Similar to Nupes however For the sake of the future, we don’t hold ourselves back from anything.warned his spokesman, Laurent Jacobelli.

Nupes text had it spaced: “There will be no complacency or collusion with the extreme right.”. Sovereign Nicolas Dupont-Aignan voted in favor of the motion.

“Breathless health system”

The Social Security Funding Bill (PLFSS) was approved in good time, on the eve of the expiration of the 50-day review period set by the Constitution.

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This budget pre-voit mesures of prevention in santé (rendez-vous aux ages clés de la vie), the house of the tabac du prix, des dispositions anti-fraude sociale, and encore the creation of a quatrième année de stage in medecine General ” priority “ in medical deserts. Savings are also planned, in particular of 250 million in medical laboratories. They are on strike until Saturday against this “plane strike” on their profits.

Elizabeth Bourne boasted ‘A huge resource for our hospital’ and protection measures “fragile”when the left was pointing ‘A health system at the end of its rope’.

Discussions in the sphere of blood were limited to relaying 49.3 protective measures at times, and allowing the government to choose which modifications were retained.

Pension reform, the next confrontation

The upper house, which is dominated by the right, rejected the draft budget in a new reading, on Tuesday, knowing that the government had done so. “swept away” its modifications “Creator”.

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Among those, one called for raising the retirement age to 64 — a set mark for the Senate for several years. But the government has chosen to propose its reform in another forthcoming bill, the general outlines of which will be announced in mid-December, which is deeply agitating the minds of the people.

“I’m back to jump better.”Rebel Manuel Bombard asserted to himself “ready for battle” and announcing a fashion show in Paris on January 21, At the invitation of the youth.

“Airplane strike”, “the population hostage” … why the government and laboratories are struggling with covid files

Elizabeth Bourne hopes, with Republicans, for example.Can “find a solution”She told Le Parisien newspaper.

This controversial reform could be the subject of a draft amendment to the Social Security budget, which would make it possible to use 49.3 again if necessary, at the beginning of 2023. In the meantime, parliament must finally adopt the state budget for 2023, for which it took tenant Matignon has already crossed 49.3 twice.

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