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How is the “Zero Covid” trap approaching China and Xi Jinping?

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At the center, an employee at a Covid testing center in Beijing, China, November 25, 2022. (EDITATION L’OBS)

Demonstrations of an unprecedented scale have taken place in recent days in China, where Xi Jinping’s “zero Covid” policy is radically pushing the population to express their anger openly. A historic dispute has already prompted China to announce an easing of its stringent health measures so far.

The discontent running through Chinese society comes from the very tight confinement and countless Covid tests that citizens must comply with, but its real detonator is the dramatic fire that occurred at the end of November in Urumqi, where residents found themselves prisoners of war. The building they were confined to without the firefighters being able to properly intervene.

sequel after announcement

Can demonstrations against the ‘zero Covid’ policy make the Chinese regime shiver?

This unprecedented move poses a threat to Xi Jinping In the video to discover below, she breaks down the ins and outs of this situation that could shake Xi Jinping’s power. Look.

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