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Guide to presidential elections

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Election weekend at Les Républicains. The right-wing party, which has not tasted power since Nicolas Sarkozy’s term ended in 2012, must appoint a new president from among three competing candidates between this Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 December. The winner will take over from Annie Guinevard, interim chair following the departure of Christian Jacob in June 2022.

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Three men are vying to become the new Republican president: Bruno Retaio, Eric Ciotti and Aurelien Brady.

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• Who are the candidates?

The youngest, Aurelien Brady, deputy lot, claims to be a modernist and heir to the social right. A candidate since last September 12, the date of publishing an article in the newspaper “Figaro” on this subject, he suggested banning the headscarf, “maybe even” In the public sphere – like Marine Le Pen during the presidential election – and imposing school uniforms at university.

A conservative slope was also taken by Eric Ciotti, deputy for Alpine-Maritimes, who is trying his luck for party leadership after being defeated in the LR primaries for the December 2021 presidential election. He suggested in particular that “Restore the droit des sang and abolish the droit du sol” And the “To inscribe our Judeo-Christian roots in the constitution.” The deputy is on track to win the bet because, according to the Odaxa-Mascaret poll conducted for the LCP, Public Sénat and “La Dépêche”, 41% of LR supporters adhere to his programme.

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The last to aspire to the position was a senator from the Vendée and head of the LR group in the upper house of parliament, Bruno Retailleau. The senator, like his peers, is focusing his platform on immigration. he wishes “Changing the constitution to move away from case law” Organizing a referendum on immigration. In his profession of faith, Bruno Retillo points out that he wants “Restore order in accounts, on the street, and at our borders, through the rehabilitation of work and power.”and specify it “The struggle for civilization must be at the core” From the LR project.

• Who are the voters?

For this internal election, only members updated with their dues will be able to participate in the vote to select the new chairman of the party. Election rules indicate that voters must have paid their contribution at least one month before the poll. Thus, only members updated on November 3, 2022 will be invited to express themselves.

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In all, the electorate represents 91,110 registered voters, and the party identifies it on its website. This is more than 40,000 fewer than the last election of the movement’s president in 2019, which crowned Christian Jacob as president of the LRs, although only 62,401 people turned out to vote that year.

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I’m not sure, however, that turnout will be better in 2022. In fact, this internal polling doesn’t seem to be at the heart of the French’s interests, as evidenced by Huffpost’s YouGov poll. Only 36% of the respondents said they are interested in this election and 56% of them have not heard of it.

• How will you vote?

It was decided that voting would be electronic and that voting be immaterial., identifies the party on its location. LR voters will be able to participate in the ballot in two different ways. “Remotely” via a computer, tablet or mobile phone, or “on site” thanks to computers available at a local polling station. Members must connect to the voting system using their access codes sent by mail and their passwords communicated by SMS.

Polling will begin on Saturday, December 3 at 6 p.m. and close on Sunday at the same time. If at the end of this vote no candidate receives a majority, a second round will be held the following weekend, December 10 and 11, at the same time.

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