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Departure at 65, minimum pension 1,200 euros … Elisabeth Borne, Prime Minister, presents the scenarios

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The features of the pension reform are becoming clearer. In an interview with “The Parisienne” on Thursday 1Verse In December, Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne confirmed some of the previously mentioned ideas during a meeting with a trade union.

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The Prime Minister confirms this “The reform will be implemented as of the summer of 2023.”starting with those who were born In the second half of 1961and that a “gradual reprieve” to me “65 years old by 2031” Will be allowed “To restore order to equilibrium within ten years”.

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But ” can we talk “ from one “An other way”and asserts, while excluding it from the start “To reduce the amount of pensions or to increase the cost of work with additional contributions”. However, the tenant of Matignon undertakes to maintain “age of deduction” At 67 as it is today, as well “Long Post” system The unions also defended.

Multiple scenarios

The last round of consultations on pension reform focused on “System Funding”Thursday evening began at the Ministry of Labor where “several scenarios” The combination of legal age and subscription period is mentioned.

At the juncture, the executive is expected to lag behind. Of the 11 trade unions and employers’ organizations invited bilaterally for two months, only U2P will be received this week by the Cabinet of Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt to address the very sensitive topic of Funding the pension system..

“Die before retiring!”: At the Parisian demonstration, Macron’s reform was crushed

A two-hour meeting “Several scenarios for age and subscription period” They were introduced, says Jean-Christophe Ripon, vice-president of the Union of Artisans, Merchants and the Self-Employed.

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affiliate “simulating potential variables”on the basis of a deferment to 64 or 65 from the legal age currently set at 62 and on the other hand on a subscription period to be raised to 43 years (172 quarter) by 2035, as planned at this point, or earlier.

‘Less accurate’ arbitration of retirement age

Not excited about “high vision” 65 years old “It seems hard to accept.”The employer official does not hide his preference for the intermediate option for 64-year-olds with calendar acceleration during the subscription period.

However, on the condition that the system is maintained, those who started their careers at an early age (before the age of 20) are already allowed to leave two to four years earlier. “If there is maintenance of the long careers that protect our craftsmen, we could see a reduction in 64 years.”believes Jean-Christophe Ripon.

As for the rate of decline in the legal age, though, Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly cited an increase of four months a year, to 64 in 2027 and then 65 in 2031, the U2P vice-president found. “less accurate arbitration” on this point. On the other hand, all scenarios start to come into effect from next year, for people born in 1961, “main generation”He said.

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Known repair project mid-December

Other than Elizabeth Bourne’s announcements, no working document has yet been distributed to the social partners, unlike the first two rounds of consultations. a “discussion moderator” It was fine “Expected, but not given to us”Noting that, Jean-Christophe Ripon specifies “It’s the first time we don’t get it.”.

Pensions: civil servants, private schemes, long posts…the government announces colour

In contact with Agence France-Presse, the Ministry of Labor confirmed that a document of this kind will be well-versed in the debate, without specifying when. In a nod to the executive’s warning, the other 10 parties were brought together on December 7, 8 and 9, according to negotiators contacted by AFP.

This calendar makes it possible to overcome two obstacles: the union of 5 unions, at the headquarters of the Federal Football Federation, where the question of when to mobilize will undoubtedly be raised in January, but also the professional elections in public service, which began Thursday and end on the eighth.

Once we get past meetings with unions, Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne will unveil her arbitration during the second week of December. Just before the Christmas holidays, a period not conducive to staff muster.

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