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Blackout, friendship with Biden, dialogue with Putin … What to remember from the interview

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US visit, blackouts and war in Ukraine: Emmanuel Macron was reassuring about France’s energy reserves and showed his strong understanding with Joe Biden in an interview on TF1 on Saturday 3 December. Here are the main points to remember.

Friendship with Joe Biden is shown

Why did you choose Emmanuel Macron on his first state visit? “because he’s my friend”Joe Biden simply said as he walked into the Oval Office on Thursday, the third day of the French president’s visit. “It’s an honor for France.”the French president told TF1, adding: “This visit met our expectations. »

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Macron’s visit: For the United States, France remains difficult … but it is a strategic ally

Despite some tensions, now is the time to coordinate. Even on the most controversial topic: Joe Biden’s energy transition policy, which unabashedly prioritizes American jobs and products “Made in USA”. all to
A blow from the ruling huge subsidies “very aggressive” Wednesday by Emmanuel Macron, who fears they will jeopardize Europe’s green energy and industrial recovery plans.

“We Europeans need to be more efficient. We should not ask Americans to solve our problems.” Finally said Emmanuel Macron on TF1 on Saturday.

The White House used all its pomp to celebrate Franco-American friendship during these four days of the visit. On Thursday evening, a grand dinner was held at the White House. Among the approximately 350 guests are fashion dad Anna Wintour, actress Jennifer Garner and musician John Legend.

The Union is facing the war in Ukraine

The French President referred to the cooperation of the two countries to end the war in Ukraine. He stressed that the United States and France wish to do so “Do everything to pressure Russia to return to the negotiating table.”

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Regarding possible negotiations, Emmanuel Macron indicated this “The Ukrainian people must decide.” “Do you think that when we had to experience the capture of Alsace and Lorraine, we would have liked a world leader to tell us to do this or that? […] It is up to the Ukrainian people to decide for themselves and under what conditions, how, when, and not up to us.he insisted.

The president also said that he is ready for dialogue again with Vladimir Putin, which Joe Biden is currently rejecting. “I will speak to President Putin again after he was Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency ”said Emmanuel Macron, believing that the most important thing is “Ensure that there is no escalation on civilian nuclear energy.”

“Don’t panic” about potential power outages this winter

Emmanuel Macron called on the French not to do so “Don’t panic” It faces the risk of power outages this winter, even with the judgment that it can be avoided if consumption is reduced by 10% according to the plan presented by the government.

“Don’t panic, it’s useless.”He said. If we all stick to the moderation plan put forward by the government […] So yes, we will be able to get through a cold December-January period, it depends on us.”he added.

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Regarding pensions, the president insists and signs

“Yes, we have to do it,” Emmanuel Macron said of the pension reform, the first terms of which were unveiled Thursday night by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

Unemployment insurance reform: why is Macron so keen on it?

Negotiations between the government and the social partners are scheduled to be completed in the coming weeks.reassured the president.

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