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Alice Diop says the case she brought against French star Oscar Saint-Omer ‘abandoned’ me

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Since its debut at the Venice Film Festival where it won the Grand Jury Prize, Alice Diop’s first feature Saint Omar She has a busy life on the Autumn Festival circuit. A stark, tightly written, and skillfully written drama in which the novelist (Kaiji Kagami) becomes embroiled in the trial of an immigrant mother for the murder of her daughter, but the film is deeply inspired by the director’s past experience as more of a documentary filmmaker.

Speaking at Contenders Film: An International Awards Season Event, Diop revealed that the events depicted in the film reflect his interest in a real issue that unfolded in the French city that gave the film its name. She said: “The inspiration was a personal experience, an experience I had when I attended the trial of a Senegalese woman who killed her child by leaving her on a beach in northern France. I was really fascinated by this case and personally followed the entire trial.”

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Diop explained that his interest in the trial was more than just curiosity about the woman’s guilt or innocence.

“This question bothered me,” she said. “It changed me, and really put me in dialogue with the darkest part of my relationship with motherhood. I realized that many other women in France had been marked by this experience, and I also noticed that this remarkable story had affected many other women in France. In the same way it touched me, I made them think of their mysterious attachment to their mothers and their children, which gave me the conviction to make the film.

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