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Riester, Paniere Ronacher, Dupont Moretti, Atal … Unveiling the legacy of the ministers

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The High Authority for Transparency in Public Life (HATVP) has published online the asset declarations of the 43 Borno government members, ministers, deputy ministers and foreign ministers, reflecting the diversity of their assets and statuses.

In the assembly, the Macroites (also) keep an eye on the left flank

It is the imminence of this publication that precipitates the government’s resignation on Monday 28 November of the Delegate Minister for Local Authorities, Caroline Cailloux, in a row with HATVP. The Supreme Commission took legal action last Tuesday “misleading evaluation” of her heritage as well as to “tax fraud”Which is opposed by the former minister.

sequel after announcement

Well funded life insurance

Prime Minister Elisabeth Born, polytechnician and former president of the RATP in particular, announced that he owns two apartments, in Paris and in Hauts-de-Seine, with a total value of 1.3 million euros, including more than 50,000 euros still due to the bank . She also has several life insurance policies with a cumulative amount of over €250,000 and Citroën worth €10,780.

On the part of the richest, the Minister Delegate for Budgetary Affairs, Gabriel Atal, announced that a life insurance of more than 1.4 million euros. His European affairs colleague, Lawrence Boone, owns €500,000 worth of stock and stock options with insurance company AXA. The Minister of Supervision, Catherine Colonna, announces a life insurance of more than 700,000 euros.

Recently asked about shares held by her children in a company not mentioned in its interest announcement and whose funds lie partly in tax havens, Energy Transition Minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher announces a comforting legacy. Half-owner of two Parisian flats, she has nearly €400,000 in life insurance and €1.1 million spread across several savings accounts.

Riester is the richest minister

Frank Riester is the holder of the government’s most important legacy. The Minister Plenipotentiary responsible for relations with Parliament took charge of the Riester Group, which owns several car dealerships. At the helm of this holding company, he has accumulated total assets of 10.24 million euros consisting of 3.85 million properties and more than 6 million euros in shares of Riester SAS.

sequel after announcement

Agnès Pannier-Runacher, the weak-willed minister at Macronie’s heart

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin advertises no life insurance but bought a detached house in the north for €618,000 in 2019, more than €580,000 of which he still has to pay back.

Among the most unusual statements, Bruno Le Maire, Agnes Firmin Le Bodeau (Health Professions) and Anais Panier Ronacher have valuable paintings, Amelie Audia Castera (Sports), necklace of 12,600 euros. Eric Dupond Moretti (Justice), a former lawyer, owns a Rolex watch worth €13,000 and Sovereign Chronometer Today 25,000 euros. He also owns two Harley Davidsons (€41,000) and a Bentley (€55,000).

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