Home Politics Pécresse was targeted by an initial investigation by the Palestinian National Front into its links to Alstom

Pécresse was targeted by an initial investigation by the Palestinian National Front into its links to Alstom

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A preliminary investigation has been opened into the illegal appropriation of interests at the National Prosecutor’s Office for Finance (PNF) following a report from elected officials who suspect Valérie Pecresse held stock options at Alstom while heading Ile-de-France Mobilités (IDFM), we learned on Friday. December 2 from a judicial source.

The environmentalists elected to the International Environmental Defense Union announced legal action on February 21, when the president of the Ile-de-France region was a candidate in the presidential election.

sequel after announcement

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These elected officials, including David Belliard, Deputy (EELV) to Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo (PS), announced, ” Think “ committed by Valerie Pecresse since her election at the end of 2015 “The crime of unlawful appropriation of interests”.

They drew particular attention to a January article on online media outlet Blast, which said the district chief had “invisible” Alstom shared what she had with her husband so that they would not appear in her advertisements of interest.

2.4 billion euros in orders from Alstom

Jerome Pecresse worked for Alstom until the group’s energy activities were acquired by General Electric in November 2015. A month later, Valerie Pecresse was elected district chairman and quickly set up, according to Blast, a trust, an arrangement also known as the Anglo-Saxon term for a trust, in which The Bank manages this portfolio of shares on their behalf.

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Since then, IDFM has ordered nearly €2.4 billion in rolling stock from Alstom, according to elected environmental activists. However, Valérie Pécresse did not abstain from participating during this period in the examination of files and the selection of companies submitted to CA voting […] Which led to choosing Alstom as a supplier, […] While she and her husband owned the financial assets of this company.”they claimed.

sequel after announcement

After the commencement of his term of office, he or she never again owned shares of Alstom, and had no interest in the company’s results or the development of the share price.and then summoned the entourage of Valery Bekris.

“slanders to distort”

Jérôme Pécresse immediately sold all of his Alstom shares. which he owned after his wife’s election. A credit has been established with a bank to receive the balance of the shares “non-transferable” The same source said to sell them once they become convertible at a lower price than the share price.

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“Valérie Pécresse has scrupulously respected the rules to prevent conflicts of interest, in full transparency with the High Authority for Transparency of Public Life (HATVP)”Summoned his entourage on Friday at the request of Agence France-Presse.

“It’s another foul ball of the Greens in their usual manner of slander.”we summed it up, specify that “All documents supporting this denunciation of defamation.” He was sent to court.

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