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New calls for the resignation of the mayor of Saint-Etienne after the disclosure of the new Mediapart

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25 elected officials of the Loire signed Thursday 1Verse A call for the resignation of the mayor of Saint-Etienne Gael Perdriau (formerly of LR) in December, following the publication of an article by Mediapart revealing his slanderous remarks towards Laurent Wacquis, LR president of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

The signatories, including four deputies and four senators (including the PCF and PS), believe that Gaël Perdriau, who is also the mayor of Saint-Etienne, “He has certainly descended into disgrace and disgrace. He now admits that he has created from scratch an undeserved humiliation.”.

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previously controlled investigation

Mediapart broadcasted an investigation on Wednesday that revealed that the mayor of Saint-Etienne launched this rumor accusing Laurent and Wokes of guilt, before admitting, with Mediapart, the unfounded accusations.

He has now lost all legitimacy to take office. To continue in office would be an affront to our democracy, to our institutions, to Stefanoa and Stephanoise.”Write these elected officials in a press release.

“If no trace of dignity is left to him, he must leave his state as soon as possible. This is the last service he must render to the inhabitants of Saint-Étienne and its capital, before answering for his actions in court.”The signatories, including Loire Provincial Council President Georges Ziegler (L-R), concluded.

The other signatories are the mayors and heads of the local communities of the Loire, including the major cities of Saint-Chamond, Rouen and Montbrison, as well as all members of the regional councils elected on the list of Laurent and the Aquis.

sequel after announcement

No more trust or credibility

At “Le Progrès” on Thursday, other elected officials from the left-wing municipal opposition, and UDI deputy Lionel Boucher, called for the resignation of Gael Perdrieux. On Wednesday, Republican (LR) presidential candidates Bruno Retaio and Aurelien Brady did the same.

Thursday evening, seven members of the municipal council from Berdriau’s list, which includes a majority of 47 elected officials, took turns. “He called for a sense of responsibility.” Mayor. “After all his revelations, each more terrifying than the next, does he still have the credibility to defend the interests of our city?”, I wonder in a press release these seven deputies and members of municipal councils. Along with two other colleagues, they had already published a press release on 16 September lamenting that Gaël Perdriau had not put himself “retired from the service”.

Credibility and trust are what a mayor needs to represent his citizens and hold his city’s colors high. In these circumstances we believe that Gaël Perdriau no longer benefits from this confidence and this credibility, it is up to him to draw all conclusions in favor of Stéphanois.These elected officials conclude, after a meeting at the end of the day, announced to AFP by Claude Léoglier, one of the vice-mayors, vice-president of the LR de la Loire federation.

The case began in August when Mediapart published the confessions of a former companion of a right-wing municipal deputy accusing himself of trapping First Deputy Gilles Artigis by filming him with the aim of blackmailing him into a hotel room with an escort. Boy. This is according to his confession “Barbozari” It was staged at the behest of the mayor – who has always denied any involvement.

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