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Medadom: stations for telemedicine consultations to combat inequality in access to health care in France

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While the French government encourages the development and democratization of telemedicine consultations with all citizens – teleconsultations covered by 100% health insurance – the specialized company MEDADOM continues to install these terminals in the four corners of the hexagon. Every French person can now get a video appointment with a health professional in less than ten minutes.

Telemedicine consultations: Doctors listen to patients

Giving all French people access to a video consultation with a general practitioner or an emergency physician quickly and without making an appointment: this is the goal of MEDADOM.

Since its inception in 2017, the company has set up telemedicine stations and kiosks across the country in many pharmacies – 3,000 are already equipped – as well as in public buildings such as town halls. Thanks to this technology, everyone can access the expertise of a general practitioner in a few minutes. The doctor can then improve his or her diagnosis by discussing with his patient, and by taking measurements obtained from connected medical devices located in the cabin (blood pressure monitor, thermometer, stethoscope, dermatoscope, oximeter, and otoscope).

Get a digital prescription

Through these telemedicine stations, Medadom is now using digital technology to reduce some of the regional divides, particularly in terms of unequal access to care in medical deserts.

Each person will also be able to obtain a doctor’s advice by conducting a video consultation from the MEDADOM website, by calling directly from their home. This service is available 7 days a week, from 8 am to 11 pm, including public holidays. If third party payments are applied for all such consultations, the patient will also be able to directly access a digital prescription to collect their medication from the pharmacy.

Innovation around a new remote consulting console

To increase the number of devices available, MEDADOM has recently designed a new medical remote control unit. By using a smaller format—the device is about the size of a computer—this console can be installed in confined spaces that cannot accommodate a gondola.

In fact, from a remote medical consultation console that offers the same functions as a conventional terminal, it will be possible to address pharmacies and town halls that do not have the space to accommodate our other equipment. This console takes up no floor space and can simply be placed on a table explains Nathaniel Byrne, co-founder of MEDADOM.

Thanks to this innovation, the company will thus be able to continue developing its telemedicine offer throughout France, by reaching new, hitherto unreachable players.

Appointment of new doctors within the Medadom teams

Faced with the ever-increasing number of remote consultations in France, the company’s teams want to recruit new general practitioners and emergency physicians.

Through this telemedicine activity, every healthcare professional will be able to take advantage of several benefits, such as being able to manage their schedule according to their availability, without having to take on various administrative tasks with the patient; Big time saver. During the appointments, the doctor will be able to fully devote himself to the problem of each person.

In addition to the wage earnings that telemedicine consultations enable, doctors can also exchange them with various colleagues located within the Medadom community. Indeed, the entire medical profession will be able to come together at many events to discuss and learn more about this new practice.

While telemedicine consultations will gradually spread throughout France – by introducing a medical offer complementary to the presentation of traditional practices – Medadom intends to continue its efforts to continue increasing the number of telemedicine stations throughout the territory; Thus, we are fighting concretely against the phenomenon of medical deserts.

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