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Kanye West wears his cape and moves freely in Alex Jones

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Having already lost sponsors and a large part of his fortune due to the controversy over his anti-Semitic statements in recent weeks, the American rapper Kanye West, who claims that he wants to run for the 2024 presidential elections and maintains friendly relations with Donald Trump, appeared on Thursday, December 1 / December, on the Infowars web shoot, hosted by conspiracy theorist dad Alex Jones.

While he kept secret about his sympathies to Nazism and Adolf Hitler, this time Kanye West left no room for doubt. “You are not Hitler, you are not a Nazi, you do not deserve to be singled out and demonized”defends Alex Jones, who was recently fined heavily for lying about the Sandy Hook school shooting. “I see the good in Hitler”Then Kanye West replies, prompting fear in return.

sequel after announcement

“We have to stop categorizing people. I believe that every human being brings something of value through life, especially Hitler.”

“The Nazis did good things too, we have to stop criticizing them all the time […] I don’t like the word ‘evil’ being associated with the Nazis.”says Kanye West, his face bizarrely hidden by a balaclava, during the interview. I love Jews, but I also love Nazis. »

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Netanyahu balaclava and doll

Elsewhere in the program, the rapper takes a landing net supposedly depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and mimics it in loud denunciations of his closeness to Donald Trump and white supremacist figures like Rick Fuentes, who also stars in the show.

Donald Trump came under fire this weekend for a barrage of criticism from the White House, part of his camp, and senior Israeli officials for last week’s dinner with Kanye West and Rick Fuentes. Despite the controversy he was mired in, the rapper suggested he would be a candidate for the 2024 presidential election and claimed to have offered Donald Trump to be his running mate. He previously ran in the 2020 US election, receiving just 70,000 votes.

Kanye West has come under fire in recent weeks for wearing a T-shirt that hijacked the anti-racism slogan Black Lives Matter Movement and for posting blatantly anti-Semitic comments on Instagram and Twitter. His former partner Adidas announced an investigation last week after the band’s employees accused the rapper of inappropriate sexual behavior and intimidation.

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