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Establishment of a specialized jurisdiction to be voted on by the Council

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The National Assembly adopted no later than Thursday evening 1Verse December passed a bill from Republicans (LR) to fight domestic violence, and opponents withdrew their amendments to allow that green light before midnight. Adopted by 41 votes in favor, 40 against, the text of the LR deputy from Lot Aurélien Pradié establishes Domestic violence court.

Feminide: “We don’t talk about that much anymore, don’t you think?”

The number of female exterminators increased by 20% in France in 2021 (122, compared to 102 in 2020). from 1Verse From January 2022 to mid-November, 100 women have already been killed by their husbands’ beatings, according to one of the associations.

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Opponents condemn the “obstruction” of the government

accuses the government“Obstruction”Opposition MPs had withdrawn all their amendments to head straight to the vote before the end of parliamentary ‘standing’, a day reserved for LR to present its texts.

With the clock ticking when only three of the 57 amendments had been examined, the House MPs began to express their dissatisfaction with the two ministers present. “You shouldn’t be involved in a game of obstruction week after week”expressed his regrets to the Speaker of Parliament LR Olivier Marleix.

Domestic violence: “The awareness of judges is as enormous as that of society”

“It’s setback and sabotage, pure and simple,” Aurélien Pradié abounded, unfortunate “Absolutely an abominable maneuver, furthermore on a subject like that.”. “You’re doing everything so we don’t check this text because you’re afraid of getting hit.”he added.

Then the deputies asked to suspend the session, at the end of which they announced that they would withdraw their amendments. It’s about being sued in the Senate joint construction workconfirmed the rebel MP Antoine Leument. “So we can vote for her.”Environmental scientist Sandra Rigoll abounded.

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This text is dangerous.

“Government obstruction? There isn’t a single amendment here.”replied Seals keeper Eric Dupond Moretti. “You sit on your own convictions to get ahead,” While that “On composition, on competence, you do not agree”Release.

“You stole the debate”The Minister of Justice repeated several times, recalling that the government had announced in early September the launch of a parliamentary mission on the issue. “You could have said some interesting things.”, lamented. according to him, “This text is dangerous because it obstructs the courts.”.

In Violent Men’s Court: ‘My Father Strangled My Sister’

Adopted on first reading, the motion will be sent to the Senate, with a majority on the right. It provides for the establishment of a specialized court, modeled on Spain, associate Powers of civil and criminal judgesBased on On Referrals Within Each Prosecutor’s OfficeAurélien Pradié explained in session.

Denounce the proposal “done in a hurry” and one discount lawDuring the debate, the Delegate Minister for Gender Equality, Isabel Roma, announced the organization“Two-week contact group” At the end of the parliamentary mission, “to connect different political groups”.

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