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Bookwire Announces Audiobook Deal With French Banegay

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Headquartered in Frankfurt, Bookwire’s expansion into the French market includes audiobook production and distribution with Banijay.

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By Porter Anderson, editor | @employee

Gonet: “From production to distribution to marketing”

FAfter broadcasting last week all about conference audio for the French market, German digital content distributor Bookwire GmbH founded in 2010 by Genre Klingelhöfer and Jan Rürmann announced today (November 29) a production and distribution agreement with France Enfants et famille Banijaiqui describing itself as “the production division”. and distribution and sales for Benjamin’s Children’s Entertainment.

Generally, Banijay Group brands are found in television and film production companies and include Poor disguiseand the survivorand the Big brother and more. It is a company opened in 2008 with Marco Bassetti as CEO.

Bookwire’s media letters state that its role is to produce and distribute audiobook links, “an audio book based on a selection of the latter’s intellectual property.” This puts Bookwire ahead. routeervice – “We Audiobook You” – you’ll remember announced in June that it was offering text-to-speech as an audiobook production service. Bookwire then supplies this audio content to platforms, including those of libraries and music broadcasting companies.

Projected titles for this arrangement, Bookwire reports, include:

  • when i was your age
  • Street football
  • lolirock
  • The unstoppable yellow yeti
  • silver point
  • Totally spies
  • plant or refine (series)
  • Martin Mistry (series)

French language production is scheduled for early 2023, with audiobooks produced and distributed internationally in multiple languages ​​by Bookwire.

Bizet: Associate Experienced Audiobook

The work will be led by Anne-Laure Gonet, Director of Bookwire in France, who spoke at last week’s online event.

Ann Laurie Jeunet

In a statement prepared for today’s announcement, Gonet reportedly said, “Our services including a WAY production solution and Bookwire OS,” review Bookwire’s 2019 Open Publishing Program It has become the global benchmark in the market in recent years, thanks to the great commitment of our team and continuous investments.

“Our ambition in France is to open up new audio opportunities for all publishers in the market. We offer a complete 360-degree audio service, from production to distribution to marketing, allowing each publisher to launch and distribute their own audio titles.”

Annick Bizet

Speaking of Banijay, Annick Bizet of Zodiak Kids Studios in Neuilly-sur-Seine (Zodiac’s parent company is Banijay Group) is reported to have said: “We were looking for an experienced audio partner with proven international distribution.

“Bookwire understands our need to produce high-quality audiobooks, as well as our strong international ambitions.”

Bizet, whose role is to lead new business and strategic alliances at Banijay, speaks of the goals of the arrangement as “increasing the popularity of our series in audiobook form and bringing it to new fans and audiences. The world”.

Bookwire opened its Paris office in July 2021, with a stated intention to build Its international influence” and offer personalized support and a powerful tool for French publishers to launch themselves in the growing French audiobook market. The Bookwire operating system allows publishers to gain autonomy, flexibility and performance.

Bookwire forms partnerships with major French publishers [including] Leisure School, Fleuruse, la Martiniere, Jeunesse and Eldia. The next step is to reach out to players outside the publishing world such as audiovisual producers and audio production studios who create their own labels.

John Rohrman

Bookwire announced in August that it was revamping its audiobook and podcast unit. Rohrmann then spoke of his intention to “optimally support publishers and store partners in their growth and ambitions through production and marketing solutions.”

as such Publication prospects Readers know that France, which was considered by many to be a very resistant market to digital publishing developments, is witnessing a series of efforts this year by the Publishers Association, National Medical Association (SNE), to cultivate awareness and adoption of audiobooks. The launch of this program was the association’s announcement for the month of May Musa audiobookOr “Audio Book Month” in France.

More publishing on the horizon in the French market here Learn more about digital publishing here Learn more about audiobooks here and more about Bookwire here.

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