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White Lung is on a journey to their final album, Obsession

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On Friday (December 2), White Lung will return with Obsession. It is the first album by a punk act since 2016 heavenHowever, the new material comes with bittersweet news for fans: Obsession It will be the end of the white lung.

ObsessionThe journey of seeing the light of day and the decision to be the band’s swan song are years in the making. My writing and recording process began in 2017, and it wasn’t long after that heaven. But life unfolded, and the original 2020 release date proved to be, shall we say, less than ideal, pushing the project forward. The extended period of time between the album’s design and its unveiling ultimately cemented what the band had already begun to suspect; This is White Long’s farewell.

“When this all happened with the pandemic and everything, it kind of caused this unintended hiatus that felt so organic and right to say goodbye to this,” says vocalist Mish Barberway. result. “You know, sometimes you have to listen to the universe and what it gives you.”


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And the universe was already sending its messages loud and clear, starting with Barber-Way learning of her first pregnancy during the early days of recording.

“This is a huge thing to catch in the middle of a recording,” she says. “I found this out in the studio with our producer Jesse [Gander]He was the first to know. I auditioned in the bathroom upstairs, you know, about to go sing.”

The news, it is expected, radically changed direction Obsession Then the band as a whole. What began as a heavy “borderline” metal collection of songs, according to guitarist Kenneth William, slowly embraced a more palpable sense of optimism and hope. Barber-Way invoked her usual tactics of penning angry lyrics she recorded with whiskey bottle in hand to reflect on upcoming motherhood and track her sober vocals for the first time in her career.


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